Ham radio venture overland added to pistar p25hosts

If you have a P25 radio and enable P25 on your PiStar device, you will now find ‘31655 Ham Radio Venture Overland’ in the menu choice of servers to connect to in your PiStar configuration menu.

This is a P25 reflector server I host at ‘31655 41000’. From this server, you can connect to any P25 talkgroup. If you key talkgroup 31655, you will also be linked to the primary talk group 31655 on Brandmeister.

Also bridged is FM analog using AllStarLink. If you have access to AllStar, you can reach this talk group using bridge Node# 42282 AA1PR (East Coast) or #54897 KB7RQQ (West Coast). More ways to play… and grow I hope.

Doing a ‘pull request’ on Github to have the talk group added
Notification that the talkgroup has been added to the P25Clients file that will download with PiStar and update on users current devices.

2 Comments on “Ham radio venture overland added to pistar p25hosts

  1. Awesome, I thank you for all the hard work involved
    & yes it will be nice to see the group grow even further

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