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Giving up on Firewood… Maybe :)

Since buying a pellet fire pit and seeing how well it works, it got me thinking about the ease of wood pellets, at least for me.  I heat alternatively with a pellet stove in my house so I typically have a pallet sized stack… Continue Reading “Giving up on Firewood… Maybe :)”

Dehydrate food in your oven.

We were discussing drying our own foods on the talk group the other day.  Found this in my old Boy Scout Field Book…. of all places.   Would likely be much more energy efficient to use an actual food dryer but it does talk about… Continue Reading “Dehydrate food in your oven.”

VT Deer Hunting Scenic Pics

I may have not bagged my dream buck, but I got plenty of great shots with the cell phone today it doesnt get any better than this  

Morning visit

Apples and carrots brought em in this morning. Lake Merwin, Wa.

Hog hunt

My girls waiting for a hog to shoot at.

Grandson stalking a doe

Be very quiet…..