P25 is bridged to venture overland (dmr)

I have set up a P25 server for anyone that has a P25 radio and wants to play. My server is bridged here (Brandmeister DMR TG:31655) so you can play without annoying anyone as we enjoy and welcome the traffic 🙂 I’m working on getting the server added to Pi-Star’s P25Hosts list so it’s likely it will show up on your hotspot after an update very soon. Currently, it is private so you will have to add it manually to the P25Hosts list.

Here is the server and the format for entering it. 31655 <tab> <TAB> 41000

It’s also possible to cross-mode your Yaesu System Fusion radio from Pi-Star (YSFtoP25). Remember that if you connect directly as P25 with your Yaesu digital radio (also possible) to the server from Pi-Star, you need to run wide-mode from the radio to match the wider bandwidth for P25 (VW mode).

2 Comments on “P25 is bridged to venture overland (dmr)

  1. Todd,
    that is awesome I thank you so much for all that hard work
    I hope other overlanders will soon us via the bridges/links

  2. Yeah! You welcome. This was a more difficult bridge than most so I feel I got it now 🙂

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