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Hi all!

Heard about you all on the HRCC podcast EP 188 I’m not sure how to join the Sunday net (technically) but I’ll figure it out and check-in one of these Sundays. The photos are from when I was on the Colorado Section Net on… Continue Reading “Hi all!”

Change of plans. New small SUV instead of off-road beast?

My 2006 Ram truck is my chosen off-road/camping platform. I have a need to pull trailers, haul yard debris, and get off the beaten path to enjoy the PNW outdoors. My truck is getting up there in years, is on it’s second engine, had… Continue Reading “Change of plans. New small SUV instead of off-road beast?”

Thanks for the decal!

A thank you to AA1PR and KB7RQQ for sharing a couple of HRVO decals with me. I finally got the “truck top tent” mounted once we found the right number of working shoulders to get it up there. I am looking forward to sending… Continue Reading “Thanks for the decal!”

Disaster Communications -What’s your take on the subject?

Just some thoughts from my point of view and ideas for discussion…  I follow a lot of ‘Emcomm’ and ‘prepper’ related YouTube channels.  I have always been a ‘preparedness’ guy and radio is a big parts of it for me.  It seems there has… Continue Reading “Disaster Communications -What’s your take on the subject?”

Hello from a NH Newbie

Hello All. I am new to Overlanding and I am hoping to get my DMR/HF/APRS equipped 4×4 pickup with a tent on the back out and about as soon as the weather permits. Starting small. Cross country is the goal. Looking forward to checking… Continue Reading “Hello from a NH Newbie”

Don’t discount the KL Trailhawk

Just wanted to say that the Cherokee KL Trailhawk isn’t seriously considered by many as a worthy crossover SUV for getting out in the mud and rocks and for a potential overlanding vehicle. A few friends and I went out this past Sunday to… Continue Reading “Don’t discount the KL Trailhawk”

Hello fellow overlanders!

It was a pleasure meeting Mike AA1PR on the talkgroup this morning. Here is a picture of my Jeep to get the intro going. This picture was taken shortly after I got this one. I have another one also that doesn’t run that I… Continue Reading “Hello fellow overlanders!”


New to the group looking forward meeting folks and exchange ideas


I am a Overlander from Sparks, Nevada. My call sign is KJ7ZMK. I usually do day trips on the weekends. There is a lot to explore in the Nevada high desert. My equipment is basic but it works for me.

IC-7100 install in 87 HJ75 Landcruiser

Installed IC-7100 in my vintage LC. Will be adding a coax switch for a 3rd antenna for 10-11M