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XLX Reflector now connected to HRVO!

And another way to get in! We now have an XLX Reflector module hosted by We are Module D-(Delta) You can access it by connecting your hotspot to YSF13211 XLX042 and select Module D by transmitting DGID-13 on your Yaesu System Fusion Radio.… Continue Reading “XLX Reflector now connected to HRVO!”

BL-5c, 18650 vs AA batteries for portable radios

I’m a bit perplexed at all the negative comments on review sites about today’s portable radios using “non-standard” batteries like the BL-5c and the 18650. Almost all reviewers mention this as a possible ‘con’ while reviewing newer portable shortwave radios because there are always… Continue Reading “BL-5c, 18650 vs AA batteries for portable radios”

Join Us! New ways to access the group being added

Just a quick update on the Ham Radio Venture Overland group. While the talk group was created and geared toward outdoor adventures and off-roading, it is open to ALL as a home-base of friendly hams. If you need a place to hang out, rag-chew… Continue Reading “Join Us! New ways to access the group being added”

This is the type of S#^T that will kill ham radio.

My comments are in bold…. 927 TECH LINKED NETWORK GUIDELINES · While amateur radio is open and public (which we don’t like, but we are too cheap to license our own commercial network so we’ll take away from the HAM community and tie up… Continue Reading “This is the type of S#^T that will kill ham radio.”

New project

I’ve been working on this for an artist swap. 12 artists, each are given a random name to paint for. I chose to do something that relates to radio. This is a 5×7 board.

A bit different

I’ve been working on this for a paint pal, like a secret santa. 12 artists from around the world are painting for a random artist. This is going to an artist in Europe. Wanted to do something that represents radio.


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Happy Thanksgiving

Smoking a turkey, and cooking up char cloth. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My other hobby

51 Dodge Meadowbrook

New Topic/Group – Emergency Comms?

Hi guys, KC7FBN here, I wonder if a topic of Disaster Comms, CERT, AuxComm, ARES/Races etc would be a good topic? Just asking