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Day After 2nd Snow Storm

I always love the day after a good storm, when it is sunny and calm. This picture is from the back porch after storm #2 of the year. If you look closely at the shed, you can see the Comet GP5 standing strong.

HRVO Sunday Net

Wyoming Roads

As we talked about here is an example of our road closures. The far southeast corner is where Cheyenne is.

Antenna Lip Mounts for KK7IAA

Mary, I hope this helps 73 Mike AA1PR

Hello from Wyoming.

Introductions I am not the best at, but here goes. My name is Mary from Cheyenne Wyoming. I got my Ham license in Aug 2022, General. I enjoy DMR, but I do have an icom 718. My husband Don got his License in July… Continue Reading “Hello from Wyoming.”


Hello everyone, I’m just found this group and I thought it might be a nice fit for me. A little about myself, my wife and I do a lot of camping in our small teardrop type trailer that is pulled with a Jeep Wrangler… Continue Reading “Intro”

Sept 23rd, 2022 St Helen’s Camping

Took a trip up into the Gifford Pinchot Forest of Washington State over the weekend. Feel like I’m running out of time before the snow flies even though it’s nearly October and still hot and dry. Feel like a switch is going to flip… Continue Reading “Sept 23rd, 2022 St Helen’s Camping”

VT Autumn HRVO Eyeball

we all met at 11am at was once Ms Murphy Donuts in Manchester Center VT we all engaged in a relaxing conversation focused around overland rigs, our pets etc once the introductions were out of the way I am not sure if its the… Continue Reading “VT Autumn HRVO Eyeball”

XLX Reflector now connected to HRVO!

And another way to get in! We now have an XLX Reflector module hosted by We are Module D-(Delta) You can access it by connecting your hotspot to YSF13211 XLX042 and select Module D by transmitting DGID-13 on your Yaesu System Fusion Radio.… Continue Reading “XLX Reflector now connected to HRVO!”

BL-5c, 18650 vs AA batteries for portable radios

I’m a bit perplexed at all the negative comments on review sites about today’s portable radios using “non-standard” batteries like the BL-5c and the 18650. Almost all reviewers mention this as a possible ‘con’ while reviewing newer portable shortwave radios because there are always… Continue Reading “BL-5c, 18650 vs AA batteries for portable radios”