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Disaster Communications -What’s your take on the subject?

Just some thoughts from my point of view and ideas for discussion…  I follow a lot of ‘Emcomm’ and ‘prepper’ related YouTube channels.  I have always been a ‘preparedness’ guy and radio is a big parts of it for me.  It seems there has… Continue Reading “Disaster Communications -What’s your take on the subject?”

Dehydrate food in your oven.

We were discussing drying our own foods on the talk group the other day.  Found this in my old Boy Scout Field Book…. of all places.   Would likely be much more energy efficient to use an actual food dryer but it does talk about… Continue Reading “Dehydrate food in your oven.”

Canned Bread! Anyone else like this stuff?

This is something I have always carried with me.  Apparently not common out west here as everybody seems perplexed and makes faces when I punch a hole in it and rotate it on a rock by the fire to heat it up.  Most like… Continue Reading “Canned Bread! Anyone else like this stuff?”

Go-Kit and related supplies

Suggested Go-Kit Supplies Use this list as a guide or memory jogger only – no one could or would carry all this and still call it a “Go-Kit” Go-Kit (Radio Equipment and Gear) Radio Equipment Radio, 2 meter Radio, 220 Radio, 440 Radio, HF… Continue Reading “Go-Kit and related supplies”