New Topic/Group – Emergency Comms?

Hi guys,
KC7FBN here, I wonder if a topic of Disaster Comms, CERT, AuxComm, ARES/Races etc would be a good topic? Just asking

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  1. Sure! I think most of us prep for that stuff. I haven’t personally been involved with ARES, CERT or anything official. But it’s a great topic!

  2. OK, I’ll bite! I have been struggling with this subject a bit as far as “preparedness” goes. I’m not active in the areas ham radio emcomm like ARES and RACES but aware. I carry a bug-out/get-home pack that includes my handheld radio. I have created a cheat sheet where I keep information like frequency and times of the EmComm nets that I am familiar with. I have also created a list that includes all of the FRS/GMRS frequencies with a cross-reference of the ‘Quiet Codes’ to CTCSS tones frequencies so I could reach anyone I hear using those frequencies. I just ordered some water-resistant paper for my laser printer that I’m going to try.

    The radio strapped to my pack is a Motorola XTS-5000 that is P25 capable to be able to listen to public service in this area. Also programmed is Oregon and Washingtons states Search and Rescue frequencies with transmit enabled since I travel back-country roads. Second radio that is always with me is my Yaesu FT2D to cover the ham stuff. The Motorola rides in an XTVA Convertacom ‘holster’ that connects the handheld to truck power (also charges), and an outside antenna so it is always ready to go. My truck has 100 watts of solar including an AC inverter to get 120vac so I could also charge my Yaesu, laptop, navigation (GPS), and camera gear.

    While I have some portable HF gear, I don’t have a safe way to transport it daily and I’m not set-up with any permanent HF installation in the truck. Been thinking about a small battery powered receiver like the County-Comm unit to at least be able to listen to everything HF in an emergency if I was unable to get home to the big radios.

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