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net tonight no checkins

net tonight no checkins
I am securing the net after 5 minutes of silence

Ham Radio Venture Overland Decals While They Last


Ham Radio Venture Overland Decals While They Last



HRVO Active Members List

Talk Group List of those who are active or once were:


K2ACD  MATT              NY

N1ARN  ARN                VT

N7ADV  GEORGE         UT

W3HDB  DAN               DE


KJ4ODY  ROGER          NC

AF7FS  DON                 NV


NA7Q MICHAEL          WA

WB2MLY RAY               NY

KE4BFG  ROGER          TN                                      (ex KN4CUH)   N9FC    Steven       AL

KG5NBA  GARY            TX                                                                AC5UB   Curtis         KS

KB7RQQ  TODD           WA                                                               AE0EP    Ryan           KS

AA1PR   MIKE              VT                                                                 K5NWZ   Shawn      TX

if we missed anyone by accident please let Todd, Gary, Dan or Mike know please so you may be added


Any interested in n email reflector for the group? PNW-DMR is using and it’s pretty nice and can handle pictures. If there’s no interest I’ll simply delete it. enter your email address and you’ll get a link to join.

Got us a TG on TGIF Network!

I got this email from Dan w3hdb a while back
it wasnt until last night talking with matt k2acd I realized what it meant
guess Ive been asleep

TG 31655 on

The audio is amazing

OpenSpot and Openspot2 are really easy to configure to the TGIF Network.

1. Open your OpenSpot Dashboard.
2. Goto the Connectors Tab at the top.

Scroll down to: DMR/Homebrew/MMDVM

1. Change the Protocol to MMDVM instead of Homebrew (if it was checked)
2. Add the server address: ‘’
3. Add the Port: 62031
Click the Save button and your OpenSpot should connect to the TGIF Network.


Harvesting Seeds Naturally

Harvesting Seeds Naturally

Ham Radio Venture Overland aka Venture Overland TG 31655

Ham Radio Venture Overland aka Venture Overland TG 31655

Please share this to help spread the word

Adventure Medical Kits for Overlanding

With all the discussions lately around medical kits etc

I thought I would post the one I have in my survival bag

& here’s  my vehicle kit too if anyone is interested

what do you have, use etc?


How about some stickers?

Got bored at work…….

Reworked it a bit for better color separation in screen printing.  Size will be 2.5 X 5″ on white vinyl.


Bear Creek Minestrone Soup Mix Its a Must Have

Bear Creek Minestrone Soup Mix Its a Must Have

Ive added it to my survival pantry and my survival bag over the last few years

So hard to believe it came from a bag