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AllStarLink Bubble Charts

This is a bubble chart showing the All Star Link connections earlier today. Bubble ‘Node 1999’ is brandmeister and it shows that Mike, Travis, and Martin’s nodes were all connected to the bridge as well as my wide area node at 432.225 mHz in Hazel Dell. Mike and Martin are using the “RepeaterPhone” app as their nodes, Travis has an RF node mobile in his semi truck. So many ways to connect to this talk group. This is fun!

AE7DC New here

I heard about this forum from Michael AA1PR after stumbling into the talkgroup before work. I am not sure about the process of joining the forum. Hopefully attempting to post will get me there! 🙂

Day After 2nd Snow Storm


I always love the day after a good storm, when it is sunny and calm. This picture is from the back porch after storm #2 of the year. If you look closely at the shed, you can see the Comet GP5 standing strong.

HRVO Sunday Net

Shortwave PIRATES!

When scanning around the HF Bands, check 6925 – 7000 kHz from time to time. There are almost always evening pirate radio shows with some wacky fun stuff to listen to. This happens to be a well known pirate from New York. He used to buy airtime on WBCQ in Monticello Maine, hence, the ID. This is not, however, WBCQ’s broadcast.

Wyoming Roads


As we talked about here is an example of our road closures. The far southeast corner is where Cheyenne is.

Antenna Lip Mounts for KK7IAA


I hope this helps


Mike AA1PR

Rickreal, Oregon HAM Swapmeet. Not a big success, but picked up some goodies.

Picked up a couple of portable receivers to add to the collection. A Grundig G4 and Grundig Traveller VII. I might have a problem.. I want them all. Here is the SWL side of the shack. Going to need some shelves in the shack soon. Seamus N7MYW will have some video up soon for YouTube and some pics on Instagram.

Current SW collection…

Tecsun: H-501x, PL-368, PL-330

Sangean ATS-909×2

Icom IC-R1

CountyComm GP7/SSB

SDRPlay: RSP1a and RSP1dx

Grundig G4 and Traveller VII

Montgomery Wards Airline 5-band

My Favorite Plane photos

IMG_8456-1-5.JPG IMG_8170-1-6.JPG IMG_8658-1-7.JPG IMG_8660-1-8.JPG Seat-1-12-9.jpg IMG_8431-1-0.JPG IMG_8528-1-1.JPG IMG_8535-1-2.JPG IMG_8072-1-3.JPG IMG_8103-1-4.JPG

This was S.e.a.t. team fighting a fire around the area of Laramie. The sounds of the engines, and watching them land was so amazing and take off from the water. Seeing how low they get to the surrounding area. They made so many passes, this was a couple hours watching them. It was great.