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Hello from a NH Newbie


Hello All. I am new to Overlanding and I am hoping to get my DMR/HF/APRS equipped 4×4 pickup with a tent on the back out and about as soon as the weather permits. Starting small. Cross country is the goal. Looking forward to checking in. 73’s Jonathan/N1RIJ.

Random Photography

20170610_195607-5.jpg 20211225_225910-1.jpg 20210616_055851-2.jpg 20170825_132547_HDR2-3.jpg 20180105_180707-4.jpg 20190915_140055-0.jpg

Some random shots. Mostly from my Canon Rebel t5i. Couple of phone and gopro shots.


20211216_173214-1.jpg 20211216_173225-0.jpg

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Don’t discount the KL Trailhawk


Just wanted to say that the Cherokee KL Trailhawk isn’t seriously considered by many as a worthy crossover SUV for getting out in the mud and rocks and for a potential overlanding vehicle.

A few friends and I went out this past Sunday to put my newly lifted larger sized tire 2026 KL through it’s paces in SE Ohio on unimproved county roads. These have devolved into little more than goat paths and a line on a map.

Take a look at KL videos on YouTube and see the attached photos. I went where the Gladiator and JK went this weekend. Didn’t get stuck or even stopped once.

Tire size is now 31.5″ Falken Wildpeak A/3T. The lift is a cheaper (often maligned) “leveling kit”. I have about a full 12″ under the vehicle as well as factory locker in the rear.

The KL is not perfect for family groups, it’s not roomy but the seats fold flat enough for a tall person (singular) to be comfy, on the passenger side if camping in the car.

Anyway, it surprised the other folks on our outing and proved to me I can go a lot of places my 11 year old JK 4-door could go.

I also have the 2.4 L Tiger shark and had zero issues with power.


Happy Thanksgiving

20211125_123916-3.jpg 20211125_125005-2.jpg 20211125_125021-1.jpg 20211125_135749-0.jpg

Smoking a turkey, and cooking up char cloth. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Loving my new to me Nikon D7000

leo-bold-stare-4.jpg at-trail-sun-3.jpg Lefferts-Pond-1.jpg cardinal-2.jpg red-steel-0.jpg

scored me a Nikon D7000 a few weeks ago, wanted this camera years ago but ….
here are a few of my photos of my work with it
it has renewed my (lost)  interest in photography once again
& now Todd KB7RQQ has shown me the attributes of shooting in raw and turned my onto raw therapee

I hope you enjoy & would love to see your work as well

73 mike

Hello fellow overlanders!


It was a pleasure meeting Mike AA1PR on the talkgroup this morning. Here is a picture of my Jeep to get the intro going. This picture was taken shortly after I got this one. I have another one also that doesn’t run that I have had for a long time.

My other hobby


51 Dodge Meadowbrook

Weekend Camping Mt. St. Helen’s

A short trip into the Gifford Pinchot forest for some truck camping. Hope everyone is getting out even though the weather is turning. Great time to enjoy the wilderness with fewer people.

New Topic/Group – Emergency Comms?

Hi guys,
KC7FBN here, I wonder if a topic of Disaster Comms, CERT, AuxComm, ARES/Races etc would be a good topic? Just asking