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HRVO Sun Evening Net Nov 12 2023

HRVO Sun evening net. Nov 12 2023
Topic was if you do camping, what is your preferred method and gear you use. I really enjoyed everyone’s input as it helps myself and Don to learn what others have experienced with Truck camping and things to do.

These Net’s are every Sunday evening 6pm Pacific time and 9pm Eastern time. We welcome anyone who would like to check in. We are also looking for at least one more person who would like to try to run nets that would help us out greatly.

KK7IAA – Mary in WY as net control covering for N7MYW Seumas as he is sick. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

KK7GXU – Don – WY – i/o
N7MYW – Seumas – WA – I/o
KD7VNZ – Ann – WA – i/o
JA1WLQ – Masa – Tokyo Japan
WD1AJM – Adam – VT
AA1PR – Mike – VT
KE0ZAM – Charley – CO
N0VY – Chris – CO
KB7RQQ – Todd – WA
Thank you everyone for checking in.

Possible DSTAR Photo Exchange net


myself and Frank DG6OAY have been having great success exchanging photos via the RS-MS1A app

we are wondering who else might be interested in joining us?

Ideas for net would be either Thursday or Friday Morning so Frank could participate from Germany

for myself it allows me to share another hobby with ham radio

here are a couple of examples of what we have shared

I hope you will join us and please let us know if you are interested

HRVO Sun Eve Net

Thanks everyone for checking in to HRVO Sun Evening net.
Topic was in the spirit of Halloween. If you were a kid right now, what would your costume be this year? Awesome answers and I appreciate the stories.

We hold this net every Sun at 6pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern.

We are looking for 1 more net control to help out that way each net control only has 1 time a month. Nets are fun and a great way to get to know the people in the group. Please let us know if you’re interested in running a net and Seumas will get you in the schedule.

KK7IAA Myself as net control
KK7GXU Don – WY I/o
AA1PR – Mike – VT
KF4EOM – Ken – AZ
KB7RQQ – Todd – WA
N7MYW – Seumas – WA
KD7VNZ – Ann – WA
W5HVO – Scott – OK


42668 Allstar Link in Rutland VT

Allstar node 42668 is operational on 147.550 simplex w/173.8 pl tone if anyone is in the Rutland VT area

it is also linked in Paranormal Hub TGIF 3307 as time allows also

Pota Activations

20230907_173900-15.jpg 20230816_183815-14.jpg 20230829_193023-13.jpg IMG_20230814_194114-12.jpg 20230820_025926-11.jpg 20230829_171744-10.jpg 20230829_135529-9.jpg 20230816_202215-8.jpg 20230816_172755-7.jpg 20230814_170235-6.jpg 20230808_114818-5.jpg 20230808_120316-4.jpg 20230808_094811-3.jpg 20230801_150749-2.jpg 20230801_152647-1.jpg 20230726_141509-0.jpg

Good evening everyone. As promised, here are some photos from our Pota adventures. Don (KK&GXU) and Josh (KJ7OEP) and myself (KK7IAA) . It was iffy sometimes with the weather, but we were keeping a close eye on it. Pota has allowed us to go to a lot of different places. We have worked Parks nearby, mostly in Wyoming, some in Nebraska and 1 in Colorado. I will post more as we go, I just wanted to catch people up that do not use Facebook. Thanks for looking and 73.

Gustavus, Alaska 2023

Here’s some pics from my last adventure where I went fishing for a week in Alaska. Went with my uncle Bob from the farm (who raised me half of my childhood), his friend Bill and my older cousin Rob. Weather was amazing. Planned more on it being cold but had weather in the high 60’s. Ended up sunburnt! We fished Halibut, King Salmon, and Lincod. Caught mostly Coho salmon which I like too.

u-boat activation

20230708_090320_klein-0.jpg 20230708_090616_klein-1.jpg 20230708_152841_klein-2.jpg 20230708_113822_klein-3.jpg 20230708_115054_klein-4.jpg 20230708_131146_klein-5.jpg 20230708_131204_klein-6.jpg 20230708_161551_klein-7.jpg dk0dmb-8.PNG

Today I make a bike ride of 2x 15 miles to activate the callsign DK0DMB from the radio room of the u-boat U995. Here are some images of the ride and from the activity. I met Torsten, DG4LAX, so that one of us could operate my FT-100D and the other one could give some explanations to the visitors about amateur radio and let the try to key some letters on the morse key with Arduino-powered decoder.

1 – new hybrid passenger ferry in Kiel harbour
2 – museum ship harbour
3 – U995
4 – visitors peeking into the radio room
5 – a short break in the visitor stream, Torsten operating
6 – inside the radio room
7 – inside the radio room
8 – on the way home (along the beaches)
9 – these stations heard us

Here is great drone video someone made last year – at 3:44 you can see our outdoor antenna tuner mounted to the left side of the bridge (not visible for visitors):

Spring Fishing


This 20 inch rainbow trout put up a good fight while camping over in Eastern Washington’s Alta Lake.

“Balloon Sail” in Kiel

20230617_232253-Kopie-3.jpg P1050038-1.JPG P1050048-2.JPG P1050008-0.JPG

One of the festivities of the “Kieler Woche” event is a meeting of hot air balloons. They launch in the late afternoon only 2 miles away from our home – just a short bike trip. On some evenings they do a show called “night glow”. The atmosphere is very relaxed, you can walk in between the balloons while they are being set up and watch them launch from a few feet distance. Here are some unedited pictures, taken with a rather simple camera (night image taken with the phone).

I uploaded more images to and will leave them there, until I run out of space. And here is a short clip of the “night glow” – if you know the air band frequency you can listen to the instructions of the “director”:

Okemo Mountain Photos

me & my Kiddo Mojo decided to venture up the service road to the top

only to discover you can no longer drive right to the lookout tower

as such here are some of my photos