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Wed Night Net Suspended

Wed Night Net Suspended due to lack of ongoing participation I am suspending the net until possibly late fall right now during the summer months we are all out & about so it makes no sense enjoy summer, see you in the fall 73…

Wed 6M Net

Amateur Radio electronics Union 6M Net CHECK INTO OUR NET EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 7:00 PM Six meters 50.200 MHz USB This was a great net I used to participate in back when….

Future of Ham Radio

My grandson practicing his technique.

Ham Radio Backcountry Camping

Hi, Just getting DMR setup, and noticed your group. I will hopefully be taking it out with me this weekend on a test, and seeing how it performs over a low bandwidth hotspot and playing with that a bit, although my passion lies with…

Got us a TG on TGIF Network!

I got this email from Dan w3hdb a while back it wasnt until last night talking with matt k2acd I realized what it meant guess Ive been asleep TG 31655 on The audio is amazing OpenSpot and Openspot2 are really easy to configure…

Repeater/Google Assistant integration. This is Cool!!

Homebrew DMR Repeater / Hi Power Hotspot

I am not sure of who here is aware of the RB_STM32_DVM by Scott Zimmerman Its truly an amazing device for a MMDVM, now there is version 3 Now the seller offers cables for various radios if needed models vary depending upon your…

DMR AMP‑U25D Amplifier

Seems neat and cheap enough, but I dont like all the cables involved

Pi to Go!

Preliminary setup for the Pi to fit into an enclosure.

HotSpot Box for mobile ops

I use a rubbermaid container I found at a dollar store for $2 my usb battery pack is 30000mah, it has 2 usb ports and comfortably handles the shark rf, and tp-link all at once. Havent turned this on in about 9 months, still…