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Repeater/Google Assistant integration. This is Cool!!

Homebrew DMR Repeater / Hi Power Hotspot

I am not sure of who here is aware of the RB_STM32_DVM by Scott Zimmerman Its truly an amazing device for a MMDVM, now there is version 3 Now the seller offers cables for various radios if needed models vary depending upon your…

DMR AMP‑U25D Amplifier

Seems neat and cheap enough, but I dont like all the cables involved

Pi to Go!

Preliminary setup for the Pi to fit into an enclosure.

HotSpot Box for mobile ops

I use a rubbermaid container I found at a dollar store for $2 my usb battery pack is 30000mah, it has 2 usb ports and comfortably handles the shark rf, and tp-link all at once. Havent turned this on in about 9 months, still…

APRS Newbie

I have never played with APRS.  The new FT2D is capable so i’m playing with setting it up now.  I’m at work and can’t get a satellite link from here so I can’t get the radio to beacon.  We’ll see what happens on the…


It works! FT2D and Rugged Spot

Ruled Out: Will DMR Repeaters be Replaced by Hotspots?

The author of is a Portlander and obviously experienced the Oregon North System.  Well written. – Excerpt  “Rules that promote good operating practices and promote a better a well-mannered community environment are important. The unfortunate part of some rules is that they sometimes…

Listening to AA1PR on HRVO

My grandson Brantleigh listening to Mike on the MD380

Ham Radio Reference Links

hopefully these links will help you out as they have done for myself if you have any to add, please do so NY Law Ham Radio (keep in vehicle)…

Here we are! Talkgroup 31655 in the list!

We are listed! MW0MWZ’s list of brandmeister talkgroups.

Our Talk Group ID is officially 31655 !!

Thanks to Mike, AA1PR, we now have our very own Brandmeister Talk Group ID of 31655.  Program it up, use it!, and enjoy.