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Seems many here have an FT70DR or are about to get one. Figured I’d share something I found. I edc the FT70 in my backpack and 2as worried about it being punced around in the main compartment. The 5.11 radio pouch that worked for… Continue Reading “FT70DR”

Ham radio venture overland added to pistar p25hosts

If you have a P25 radio and enable P25 on your PiStar device, you will now find ‘31655 Ham Radio Venture Overland’ in the menu choice of servers to connect to in your PiStar configuration menu. This is a P25 reflector server I host… Continue Reading “Ham radio venture overland added to pistar p25hosts”

P25 is bridged to venture overland (dmr)

I have set up a P25 server for anyone that has a P25 radio and wants to play. My server is bridged here (Brandmeister DMR TG:31655) so you can play without annoying anyone as we enjoy and welcome the traffic 🙂 I’m working on… Continue Reading “P25 is bridged to venture overland (dmr)”

AllStar Link Bridge to DMR TG 31655

If you have AllStar but not DMR… you are in luck. Mike AA1PR has an AllStar to DMR bridge that is running and we’ve been having a blast with it. Analog audio is actually pretty good over the DMR network and vise versa. Connect… Continue Reading “AllStar Link Bridge to DMR TG 31655”

There is still some great stuff on the SW bands

Came across this show while scanning the SW bands on a camping trip. They were playing music, running MFJ and Chameleon Antenna adds, talking about operating portable, etc. It was a fun show.

IC-7100 install in 87 HJ75 Landcruiser

Installed IC-7100 in my vintage LC. Will be adding a coax switch for a 3rd antenna for 10-11M

HRVO Added to TGIF Prime Network now carries Ham Radio Venture Overland talkgroup 31655. These are not crosslinked just a secondary place right this moment.

Winter field day 2021

I was invited to meet up with the group from St. Helens and Scappoose, Oregon for winter field day. These guys are a part of the group Travis W0MUD introduced me to earlier in the year on an eastern Oregon camping trip. Thanks Travis!… Continue Reading “Winter field day 2021”

Restarting Wednesday Evening Net

I have been questioned a couple of times in the last few weeks about our net is anyone interested in Restarting the Wednesday Evening Nets if so please respond and also respond if you are interested in being a net control station I think… Continue Reading “Restarting Wednesday Evening Net”

Serious HF

Hey everyone, new to the group. I’m W4OPS. You will hear me on the DMR channel and you might catch me doing some Parks on the Air as well. I used to travel a lot in this 35ft bucket truck. You can see the… Continue Reading “Serious HF”