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AllStarLink Bubble Charts

This is a bubble chart showing the All Star Link connections earlier today. Bubble ‘Node 1999’ is brandmeister and it shows that Mike, Travis, and Martin’s nodes were all connected to the bridge as well as my wide area node at 432.225 mHz in… Continue Reading “AllStarLink Bubble Charts”

Shortwave PIRATES!

When scanning around the HF Bands, check 6925 – 7000 kHz from time to time. There are almost always evening pirate radio shows with some wacky fun stuff to listen to. This happens to be a well known pirate from New York. He used… Continue Reading “Shortwave PIRATES!”

Rickreal, Oregon HAM Swapmeet. Not a big success, but picked up some goodies.

Picked up a couple of portable receivers to add to the collection. A Grundig G4 and Grundig Traveller VII. I might have a problem.. I want them all. Here is the SWL side of the shack. Going to need some shelves in the shack… Continue Reading “Rickreal, Oregon HAM Swapmeet. Not a big success, but picked up some goodies.”

Ham Radio Venture Overland Access Links

I have tried to consolidate these inks all in one post XLX WiresX P25, Allstar & DMR Bridges

Newest addition

Addition, or addiction. Bought myself an early 50th birthday present. A new edc ht, Vx-6r, very nice little ht. Actually surprised me how easy it was to program from the radio. I’ve spent so much time programming digital. I’ve forgotten how simple analog radios… Continue Reading “Newest addition”

XLX Setup On PiStar Duplex HotSpot & AnyTone ATD878UV

now that we have an XLX link into the system I thought I would share how easy it is to access via XLX I hope this helps, please enjoy XLX Setup On PiStar Duplex HotSpot & AnyTone ATD878UV

Wires-X Now Connected To HRVO TG 31655!

Hello all, Wires-X room 46720 is now permanently connected to HRVO BM TG 31655 and is running great! Now we have yet another way to link in and say hello. Just a reminder… Wires-X is not accessible through hotspots. You’ll have to use a… Continue Reading “Wires-X Now Connected To HRVO TG 31655!”

This is the type of S#^T that will kill ham radio.

My comments are in bold…. 927 TECH LINKED NETWORK GUIDELINES · While amateur radio is open and public (which we don’t like, but we are too cheap to license our own commercial network so we’ll take away from the HAM community and tie up… Continue Reading “This is the type of S#^T that will kill ham radio.”

SDR Radio front end

SDR Radio.  I’m hooked.  I’m a glutton for punishment I guess, but have been looking hard at going full on SDR for my next HF rig.  This doesn’t seem to be an altogether wise choice as it WILL be full of set-up issues, software… Continue Reading “SDR Radio front end”

Disaster Communications -What’s your take on the subject?

Just some thoughts from my point of view and ideas for discussion…  I follow a lot of ‘Emcomm’ and ‘prepper’ related YouTube channels.  I have always been a ‘preparedness’ guy and radio is a big parts of it for me.  It seems there has… Continue Reading “Disaster Communications -What’s your take on the subject?”