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Back on DMR

Hello, Its been a long time! I just wanted you all to know that I have not forgotten all of you. I have not been active with DMR for quite sometime so I just ordered an OpenSpot 3 and when that sucker comes in…

WW1VT ARRL Sept 2019 VHF Contest Vlog

WW1VT ARRL Sept 2019 VHF Contest Vlog   WW1VT ARRL Sept 2019 VHF Contest Vlog

Wed Night Net Suspended

Wed Night Net Suspended due to lack of ongoing participation I am suspending the net until possibly late fall right now during the summer months we are all out & about so it makes no sense enjoy summer, see you in the fall 73…

Wed 6M Net

Amateur Radio electronics Union 6M Net CHECK INTO OUR NET EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 7:00 PM Six meters 50.200 MHz USB This was a great net I used to participate in back when….

Future of Ham Radio

My grandson practicing his technique.

Ham Radio Backcountry Camping

Hi, Just getting DMR setup, and noticed your group. I will hopefully be taking it out with me this weekend on a test, and seeing how it performs over a low bandwidth hotspot and playing with that a bit, although my passion lies with…

Got us a TG on TGIF Network!

I got this email from Dan w3hdb a while back it wasnt until last night talking with matt k2acd I realized what it meant guess Ive been asleep TG 31655 on The audio is amazing OpenSpot and Openspot2 are really easy to configure…

Repeater/Google Assistant integration. This is Cool!!

Homebrew DMR Repeater / Hi Power Hotspot

I am not sure of who here is aware of the RB_STM32_DVM by Scott Zimmerman Its truly an amazing device for a MMDVM, now there is version 3 Now the seller offers cables for various radios if needed models vary depending upon your…

DMR AMP‑U25D Amplifier

Seems neat and cheap enough, but I dont like all the cables involved