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Winter field day 2021

I was invited to meet up with the group from St. Helens and Scappoose, Oregon for winter field day. These guys are a part of the group Travis W0MUD introduced me to earlier in the year on an eastern Oregon camping trip. Thanks Travis!… Continue Reading “Winter field day 2021”

Cottonwood Canyon State Park. moro, oregon

Just got back from a great weekend with Travis W0MUD, Tim WB7TIM, and Troy KI7HML. Travis planned the trip to activate the area for Parks On The Air. Travis and Tim both had Yaesu QRP rigs (FT-817 and FT-818) with wire antennas, battery packs,… Continue Reading “Cottonwood Canyon State Park. moro, oregon”

Giving up on Firewood… Maybe :)

Since buying a pellet fire pit and seeing how well it works, it got me thinking about the ease of wood pellets, at least for me.  I heat alternatively with a pellet stove in my house so I typically have a pallet sized stack… Continue Reading “Giving up on Firewood… Maybe :)”

Dehydrate food in your oven.

We were discussing drying our own foods on the talk group the other day.  Found this in my old Boy Scout Field Book…. of all places.   Would likely be much more energy efficient to use an actual food dryer but it does talk about… Continue Reading “Dehydrate food in your oven.”

Canned Bread! Anyone else like this stuff?

This is something I have always carried with me.  Apparently not common out west here as everybody seems perplexed and makes faces when I punch a hole in it and rotate it on a rock by the fire to heat it up.  Most like… Continue Reading “Canned Bread! Anyone else like this stuff?”

Moka pot style espresso shots

Found this in my backpacking stuff from years ago. Makes a potent little cup of pick-me-up. Pinky out… sip-sip 🙂

Corn bread

Dutch oven cooking takes lots of practice to get it right. Here is a good resource to ensure you get your cooking temperature correct.

Dutch Oven Recipes?

Anyone have any simple Dutch oven recipes? I’ll get it started with a desert my family likes that is super simple. Ingredients: 2-cans peach halves (in syrup) 1-box yellow cake mix 1-stick of butter 1-powdered cinnamon Oil or grease your Dutch oven. Pour the… Continue Reading “Dutch Oven Recipes?”