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Here is short report about our first pota/bike micro-adventure over the weekend. My son an I took a ride of 21 miles to a campsite in POTA DA-0110 (JO44). My new (mini-) cargo-bike carried the tent, groundsheet, seats and a box with food, drinks, cooking gear and the radio equipment. Most of the ride was along the Kiel Kanal. The campsite is listed as “wild camping” site, but actually it is located in the garden of a former farm and provides some basic infrastructure. We set up a small qrp station and managed to make a few contacts (inside Europe). The next morning we packed our stuff and headed home again (note the picture of two container-carriers at the Kiel Kanal). Our summary: the trip was fun and we hope to do another one soon again.

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  1. Frank,
    that short micro adventure as some would call it looks phenomenal
    even if the bands were bad you were with your son and thats better than anything else
    great photos

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