Hi all!

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Heard about you all on the HRCC podcast EP 188
I’m not sure how to join the Sunday net (technically) but I’ll figure it out and check-in one of these Sundays.
The photos are from when I was on the Colorado Section Net on April 10, 2023 from my campsite in De Beque on my IC-705 with the Chameleon CHA TDL (Tactical Delta Loop). It was a great net and am still shocked on what happened to Amanda Alden K1DDN (CO Section Manager) health shortly after. Best wishes to her and her family and for a quick recovery.

I’m mostly QRP and like to play radio outside, but really enjoy all aspects of HAM radio and Overlanding. It’s pretty cool that I learned about this group that also likes those things too!

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  1. Hey Ben!!! Nice set-up for sure. Glad to have you here. Most of the activity has ended up over on the Ham Radio Venture Overland Facebook group…. I’m not a Facebook fan…. but did finally set one up for that purpose. There is a good bunch on the talkgroup. Join in when you hear somebody. we are very much pro-roundtable. No such thing as “interrupting” a QSO on there šŸ™‚

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