IC-7100 install in 87 HJ75 Landcruiser

IC-7100-Troopy-1-0.jpg IC-7100-Troopy-2-1.jpg IC-7100-Troopy-3-2.jpg

Installed IC-7100 in my vintage LC. Will be adding a coax switch for a 3rd antenna for 10-11M

2 Comments on “IC-7100 install in 87 HJ75 Landcruiser

  1. OK… That’s a badass rig! Nice install. Is the box on the front of the brush guard a tuner? Sort of looks like an SGC tuner mounted there.

  2. nice install , I have a 706MKIIG in my rig
    not much room in there a tad tight fit
    why another antenna for 10M, get one that will do all HF bands

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