New guy on the site and first post Wuhan Flu long ride.

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Greetings everyone, I’m Dave from NE Florida. Been an overland venture guy since before I knew there was a real term for packing a few days of stuff in the truck and heading out to get away from people for a bit.
Now days, it’s a 2-door Jeep or my ’18 BMW GSA, depending on my mood and the price of gas. I usually have my Yaesu FT-8900, FT-991A, CS580 and a hotspot, or an E.F. Johnson 51SL ES that is a combined Ham and GMRS UHF radio.
Got to take the first post Wuhan Flu long ride on my ’18 BMW GSA in mid-March ’21. NE Florida to Oklahoma City, OK and back in 6 days. Four travel days at 600 miles per and a couple days in OKC during the typical Mid-West Spring weather. Nothing like riding against a 30 knot crosswind, with gusts that had me leaning 45 in to them at times. At least I missed the snow and twisters that storm system dropped in it path.
Got to meet some great people and surprise the heck out of a co-worker who thought I was flying in. The look on his face when I rolled up on the GSA was priceless. His first comment was “How did you manage to rent THAT?”
My response was simple, “What do you mean rent, this is mine. I rode 1200 miles to be at this party.”
In case you don’t know, the big aircraft in the picture is the FIRST Air Force One

3 Comments on “New guy on the site and first post Wuhan Flu long ride.

  1. Great pics! I’m not a motorcycle guy but I’m pretty sure a BMW like that would be my choice. A friend has a GS1100 (I think?) Super cool bike all hard cased out for long trips. A go anywhere machine. Glad to have you aboard. Catch you on the radio soon.

  2. Awesome! Welcome to the website/TG. I have a 2015 BMW GS650 that I ride. Hope to make a contact with you in the TG. 73 W0MUD

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