Winter field day 2021

I was invited to meet up with the group from St. Helens and Scappoose, Oregon for winter field day. These guys are a part of the group Travis W0MUD introduced me to earlier in the year on an eastern Oregon camping trip. Thanks Travis! They are great guys…. wish you were here for this trip. It had snowed but was just warm enough to rain and turn everything into a mud pit. These guys all have Jeeps so we were joking whether it was a ham radio or a Jeep club.

Tim WB7TIM had quite a bunch of radios. He was able to make contacts on all bands with his end-fed antenna and Yaesu FT-991. He also had his FT-817 and an Elk Antenna’s log-periodic to work some CW and sideband on 2-meters. Even crazier, a handheld for 900 and 1.2 GHZ!! I had my G90 and Buddipole antenna but will admit I spent more time talking to guys by the fire than seriously operating.

It rained pretty much the entire time we were there. Everything was damp even under cover.

The snow melted into mud. It was a blast… but clean-up was messy.

Tim WB7TIM running the Yaesu FT-991

1.2Ghz handheld.

Troy KI7HML made some great breakfasts! from his efficient camp kitchen setup.

My G90 set-up. Had the Buddipole tuned up on 20m and used N1MM logger for logging using the Xiegu CAT cable to capture the frequency.

Warm fire and hot coffee! Thanks to Troy KI7HML

Stayed pretty warm in the bed of my truck. Started the Buddy Heater to take the chill off and get warmed up. Then fired it up before getting out of bed.

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  1. those photos put everything I remember from our QSO while you were there over the top
    hopefully travis can sneak back for one event with you guys soon

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