Restarting Wednesday Evening Net

I have been questioned a couple of times in the last few weeks about our net
is anyone interested in Restarting the Wednesday Evening Nets
if so please respond and also respond if you are interested in being a net control station
I think it would be gret to kick our net back off & to hopefully draw more interest and hams to the talkgroup
thoughts, opinions etc?

13 Comments on “Restarting Wednesday Evening Net

  1. I think we should try it. If anything, it would get us on at the same time for a bit. Maybe people will show up.

    • Hi! Mike AA1PR has been trying to reboot the net. Talkgroup is active. You are welcome to join in or bring people for rag chews. Activity is welcome.

  2. I am fairly new to DRM after being in the hobby for over 25 years but as an off-roader and budding Overlander I would be interested in making a meeting on air if one was out there. I believe I have the radio programmed correctly so yes, I am interested.


  3. Trying to get involved. Where can I find the net? I can get on 2/440/6 and HF. I have EchoLink, but I do not really use it much. Lemme know. N4TRD

    • Hi Max! We are going to reboot the net. We are on DMR talkgroup 31655 but also have an AllStar bridge. Maybe there is a way to get to us from there using echolink? Mike AA1PR might be able to answer that question.

  4. A net for Hams that are more that corner sitting statues withering away, warming the feet on a boat anchor. Sounds like a great idea.

  5. Now that HRVO is getting more traffic, perhaps we should try to get it going again. Now that I no longer work 70+ hours a week, I think I could link in for those. Even if it is twice a month rather than once a week… anyway I’m just kinda brain storming here.

  6. OK so when do we restart the net
    I am game for being net control again once in a while if others would like to share the duties

    • Let’s do it. I’m not a big net guy… but I want to grow the group so I will do my part to be active and fill in where needed. Let’s get it going!!

  7. Just found TG31655 on web, need to program in, pretty new to DMR live in OH, keeping an ear for net time and probably advert group a bit, some of the postings reminds me a bit of

    N8JEW, Alliance OH

    • Hi Joe! Welcome! Join in any time. Fun to get new friends to the group. 73, Todd KB7RQQ

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