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Just getting DMR setup, and noticed your group. I will hopefully be taking it out with me this weekend on a test, and seeing how it performs over a low bandwidth hotspot and playing with that a bit, although my passion lies with HF. Won’t be setting that up this weekend, as to spend more time with the wife, since in a couple of weeks it will be field day and will be spending the whole weekend on that.

I thought I would share some pictures of my experiences. I’ve since upgraded the truck to a newer model, a 2017 Tacoma, after I got 358,000 miles out of the one in most of the pictures. I will add more recent pictures soon, but still much of the radio setup and antennas are the same. I’ve been doing backcountry camping most of my life, served on SAR in my county for 13 years, and enjoy getting out whenever I can.

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Jim Olsen

2 Comments on “Ham Radio Backcountry Camping

  1. Jim,
    enjoy your FD weekend out there
    very impressive site
    and a pair of decals on are in transit your way

  2. Nice to meet you Jim. I agree… great website! Hope to meet you on the air.

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