HRVO Active Members List

Talk Group List of those who are active or once were:


K2ACD  MATT              NY

N1ARN  ARN                VT

N7ADV  GEORGE         UT

W3HDB  DAN               DE                                                            KD7DAW   Tom      FL

W0MUD  TRAVIS        OR                                                                K4KKP   James      FL

KJ4ODY  ROGER          NC                                                               KQ6K Edward       CA

AF7FS  DON                 NV                                                               KE5JXC  Arnold     LA

K6BSR BRANDON       CA                                                              WD9GNG  Kenn       IL

NA7Q MICHAEL          WA                                                              KA7EMT  David      AZ

WB2MLY RAY               NY                                                                K7JEO     Jim           UT

KE4BFG  ROGER          TN                                      (ex KN4CUH)   N9FC    Steven       AL

KG5NBA  GARY            TX                                                                AC5UB   Curtis        KS

KB7RQQ  TODD           WA                                                               AE0EP    Ryan         KS

AA1PR   MIKE              VT                                                                K5NWZ   Shawn     TX

if we missed anyone by accident please let Todd, Gary, Dan or Mike know please so you may be added

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