HRVO Sun Eve Net

Thanks everyone for checking in to HRVO Sun Evening net.
Topic was in the spirit of Halloween. If you were a kid right now, what would your costume be this year? Awesome answers and I appreciate the stories.

We hold this net every Sun at 6pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern.

We are looking for 1 more net control to help out that way each net control only has 1 time a month. Nets are fun and a great way to get to know the people in the group. Please let us know if you’re interested in running a net and Seumas will get you in the schedule.

KK7IAA Myself as net control
KK7GXU Don – WY I/o
AA1PR – Mike – VT
KF4EOM – Ken – AZ
KB7RQQ – Todd – WA
N7MYW – Seumas – WA
KD7VNZ – Ann – WA
W5HVO – Scott – OK


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