Canned Bread! Anyone else like this stuff?

This is something I have always carried with me.  Apparently not common out west here as everybody seems perplexed and makes faces when I punch a hole in it and rotate it on a rock by the fire to heat it up.  Most like it after I can get them to try it.  A bit heavy for backpacking and best with a little margarine….  But a great thing to have in the food box. Only a few stores carry it out here in Oregon/Washington and it’s usually found with the baked beans… I grab a can or two of those too.  Winco and Fred Meyer stores seem to always have it on the shelf.



2 Comments on “Canned Bread! Anyone else like this stuff?

  1. You can order a case of six from Amazon. Kroger and Publix often have it, but sometimes just an empty space where it should be. Grew up eating it, have a recipe that works in a crock pot. And try it with cream cheese.

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