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Addition, or addiction.
Bought myself an early 50th birthday present. A new edc ht, Vx-6r, very nice little ht. Actually surprised me how easy it was to program from the radio. I’ve spent so much time programming digital. I’ve forgotten how simple analog radios are. 😆
Actually did most of the programming at work during the down times.

Really digging the EAI feature. Every ht should have something like that, imho. And being submersible makes it perfect for taking fishing, kayaking. Mars modded so its now effectively a quadband. 6m, 2m, 1.25m and 70cm.
I accidentally kerchunked a few repeaters about 2 miles away while programming it yesterday, from inside a box truck, in the center of the city. Actually very impressed so far. Now to find antennas for it.

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