Join Us! New ways to access the group being added

Just a quick update on the Ham Radio Venture Overland group. While the talk group was created and geared toward outdoor adventures and off-roading, it is open to ALL as a home-base of friendly hams. If you need a place to hang out, rag-chew with your friends… you are welcome to do that here. We have a great core group of ‘locals’ that should answer a call.

We are growing in ‘regulars’ and ways to access the group. 31655 is a Brandmeister network talk group. You can also access it via AllStarLink (analog) using one of two different bridge nodes. 42282 (east coast) & 54897 (west coast). There is also a P25 network server and bridge available at: 31655 41000. The P25 server is also available as a home base springboard to other P25 hosts if you’d like to plant yourself there. If you are in Vancouver, Wa… try my AllStarLink node #54895 at 432.225MHz 100.0Hz PL. It is low-level located in the West Hazel Dell area… but it’s worth a shot. Antenna is at 20′ and node radio is running 25 watts. (linked to 54897 and BM 31655).

In the next few weeks, Travis W0MUD, will have a Wires-X room connected full-time to this group. Room# 47620. Looking forward to hearing some new calls. If you don’t have a wires-x set-up but have a Yaesu digital radio, you can try my wires-x node also in West Hazel Dell. Node# is 71335 at 145.655MHz DG-ID 00-00. It is also low-level running at 25 watts.

I’m also experimenting with building a stand-alone DMR server. It currently has four individual talk-groups and will be linked full-time to BM 31655 (here). The others will be available as PTT to play with. Just an experiment. I’ll update details as I get it going more reliably.

73 all! Hope to hear you on HRVO – KB7RQQ Todd

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  1. Still working on the Wires-X link to HRVO. I am really looking forward to this!

  2. Request has been sent to link Wires X room 46720 to BM TG 31655. It could take up to 2 weeks for the connection.

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