Hello from a NH Newbie

Hello All. I am new to Overlanding and I am hoping to get my DMR/HF/APRS equipped 4×4 pickup with a tent on the back out and about as soon as the weather permits. Starting small. Cross country is the goal. Looking forward to checking in. 73’s Jonathan/N1RIJ.

4 Comments on “Hello from a NH Newbie

  1. Nice! Drooling over all the navigation options. I need to get a RAM Mount for my iPad. Been playing with Gaia a lot more lately.

  2. Jonathan that is one impressive navigation system there
    your forum decals are in the mail as they say
    it was so glad to chat last night

  3. Nice setup. Just got aprs up and running in my truck. Still trying to figure it all out. Lol

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