Don’t discount the KL Trailhawk


Just wanted to say that the Cherokee KL Trailhawk isn’t seriously considered by many as a worthy crossover SUV for getting out in the mud and rocks and for a potential overlanding vehicle.

A few friends and I went out this past Sunday to put my newly lifted larger sized tire 2026 KL through it’s paces in SE Ohio on unimproved county roads. These have devolved into little more than goat paths and a line on a map.

Take a look at KL videos on YouTube and see the attached photos. I went where the Gladiator and JK went this weekend. Didn’t get stuck or even stopped once.

Tire size is now 31.5″ Falken Wildpeak A/3T. The lift is a cheaper (often maligned) “leveling kit”. I have about a full 12″ under the vehicle as well as factory locker in the rear.

The KL is not perfect for family groups, it’s not roomy but the seats fold flat enough for a tall person (singular) to be comfy, on the passenger side if camping in the car.

Anyway, it surprised the other folks on our outing and proved to me I can go a lot of places my 11 year old JK 4-door could go.

I also have the 2.4 L Tiger shark and had zero issues with power.


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  1. Check out videos by Fearless Trailhawk and others to see what these things can do. They are quite surprising in their capabilities with just a little help.

    Keep the shiny side up.


  2. Very nice! Those are the tires we’re looking to put on my wife’s GX460. Solid choice.

  3. Checkout the videos on how well the KL Trailhawk can climb and roll over a lot of unthinkable ground with the simple addition of a cheap (sub $200) lift or leveling kit and larger (up to 32″) tires. I was running with a Gladiator on 37s and a JK on 39s and we all marveled at how I seldom bottomed out and didn’t need a tow out of anything the entire time.

    The guide, riding with me much of the day was happily and totally surprised we made ever obstacle. The folks in the bigger vehicles were also totally impressed and said the terrain we tackled was tougher than many places they had been, and they travel all over the US to hit trails and shows so, good for me. The rear locker and multiple 4WD modes made it really, pretty easy.

    Look up Fearless Trailhawk and others in KLs on YouTube. You may be amazed what this “passenger car” can do.


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