AllStar Link Bridge to DMR TG 31655

If you have AllStar but not DMR… you are in luck. Mike AA1PR has an AllStar to DMR bridge that is running and we’ve been having a blast with it. Analog audio is actually pretty good over the DMR network and vise versa. Connect to AllStar 42282 to try it out. If you only have an FM analog radio and live in the Vancouver, Washington or Portland, Oregon area, I have a wider coverage node set up at 432.225 tone:100.0/100.0. It’s open to play with and will get you on the system using your analog radio and possibly an HT. Node is running at 25watts and antenna is about 25′ located in the west Hazel Dell area.

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  1. Nice radio. I’m planning on getting an XTS5000 or an XTL5000 mobile.

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