Post thanksgiving overland day trip

Feeling like I needed to get out instead of spending the day on the couch, I headed north to the southern end of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest to check out some forest roads. The day started out pretty foggy and as I hit the 2,000ft mark the temperature dropped near freezing.

There were some new clear cut areas and some slash piles that were burning that didn’t help the haziness.

About mid-morning, the fog rolled out, the sun got bright, and it ended up being a pretty nice day. I stopped at McClellan overlook and was able to get a good picture of the south-side of St. Helens. I took this opportunity to make a cup of coffee, eat some turkey-day leftovers, and just enjoy the sunshine at the tailgate and take in this view for a while.

I took the opportunity to check out the ‘Trail of two Forests‘ again. Such a cool area. The road to the Ape Caves was closed for the season so this made for a good place to stop for a bit and take in the scenery.

I took the long way home which heads south-east and brings you out through the town of Carson, then Stevenson Washington on the Columbia River, then Hwy-14 all the way home. A fun and scenic 200 mile trip with all the little excursions. The sign below that says F$$K Inslee… He’s our governor. I’m taking it they aren’t a fan of Covid related shutdowns!

Many cool old buildings along the way. This one caught my eye…

My APRS Track for the trip KB7RQQ-9

2 Comments on “Post thanksgiving overland day trip

  1. awesome, I miss the PNW and that area as well
    not sure if you ever heard t he stories of the ape caves, I thought it was ape mtn, regardless sasquatch is said to be very active there
    truck looks sweet, looks like the rear bed and the storage works perfectly too

  2. I did hear that that area is a hotspot. It was super quiet out there. I was at the ‘trail of two forests’ for quite a while just sitting in my chair and relaxing until I got too cold. It was really silent out there. I did see deer (and deer hunters) I saw a bunch of wild turkeys which is always cool. They are BIG. Ape Cave road was gated for the winter. Soon all of that area will be under snow.

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