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G’day, newbie to the group here….

Name is Geoff (VK2FMAZ) and I live in northern New South Wales, Australia. I spend as much time as possible outdoors either camping deep in the scrub or doing beach runs. When outdoors, I normally take portable Ham Radio gear with me and I also have some radio equipment setup in my 4WD Holden Colorado ute (Barrett 2050 commercial land-mobile HF with private TelCall & Ham frequencies fitted, UHF CB radio & portable digital HotSpot for DMR Brandmeister/WiresX etc).

These are pics from some of my most recent “adventures!”


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  1. Hello Geoff!! Welcome to Ham Radio Venture Overland. Great pictures! I grew up doing scouting with my dad which really solidified my love of the outdoors. Also glad to see someone with a truck 🙂

  2. Geoff,
    that is 1 beautiful rig, adore the portable gear too
    so glad you found us, hope to chat soon
    Welcome to HRVO

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