Got us a TG on TGIF Network!

I got this email from Dan w3hdb a while back
it wasnt until last night talking with matt k2acd I realized what it meant
guess Ive been asleep

TG 31655 on

The audio is amazing

OpenSpot and Openspot2 are really easy to configure to the TGIF Network.

1. Open your OpenSpot Dashboard.
2. Goto the Connectors Tab at the top.

Scroll down to: DMR/Homebrew/MMDVM

1. Change the Protocol to MMDVM instead of Homebrew (if it was checked)
2. Add the server address: ‘’
3. Add the Port: 62031
Click the Save button and your OpenSpot should connect to the TGIF Network.


**cant bridge to brandmeister so no one uses it or at least those of us active on BM dont monitor it***

3 Comments on “Got us a TG on TGIF Network!

    • Yeah. I’m trying to figure out how to set up the linking. Would like to get a fusion room and link it too.

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