Hello, just found this group and thought I’d poke my head in and say “hello”.
For offroad adventuring, I drive a Pinzgauer 710K equipped with a Yaesu D710. I plan on adding HF in the near future.


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  1. Hi Mike! Nice Setup!! and welcome to the group. If you have a DMR radio, we are on brandmeister talkgroup 31655 Venture Overland. More of a group of mixed interest outdoor enthusiasts than hard-core overlanders at this moment, but we are 4X4 wilderness guys for sure. Looks like you are in AZ. I’m in Vancouver Washington, Mike AA1PR is in Vermont and Gary KG5NBA is in Corpus Christi Texas. We are the ‘regulars’. I set up this site so we could share pictures of the topics we talk about on the air and to attract other like minded folks. You are welcome to post your adventures, tips, trick, whatever you want to this site. Hopefully we can attract you to the DMR group.

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