Summer end near….. Mostly work with little play…..

Well…..  It’s already getting darker earlier and earlier.  Warm days are being mixed in with the brisk mornings here in Washington state.  Don’t feel like I got as many weekend trips in as last year.  Did a bunch of work at my place on Lake Merwin.  Got the big stuff finished like fixing dry-rot in the old trailer, re-roofing the a-frame building that protects the old 1977 Ideal 35 footer.  Installed new flooring and a new shower (that leaked and caused the dry-rot issue).  But it came at a price other than just monetary.  It meant fewer Kokanee trips on the lake.  Usually by this time of year I have a freezer full and start canning.



But the ole trailer is much nicer, smells better and it’s nice to get a hot shower.  It’s nice to get things DONE.


Last trip to La Pine, Oregon was in May and there was still snow on the ground in the higher areas around the Cascade Lakes.

Have a Disneyland adventure planned with the wife next month where are driving down and seeing some sights.  Booked a room on the Queen Mary which will be fun.  But summers end is depressingly near and it will be back to adjusting to the rain/cold which I eventually adjust to just fine.  Part of living in the Northwest.

Anybody have any fall winter adventures planned?

-KB7RQQ Todd

One Comment on “Summer end near….. Mostly work with little play…..

  1. none as of yet
    but you have the camp, so remember you are ahead of the game
    so when time allows its there

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