Jeep fun!


I love Jeeps, and ham radio! I run an Jeep Gladiator, and an AnyTone 878.

HRVO 31655 DMR to Allstar Bridge 42282

Allstar Node 42282 will maintain a permanent connection to 31655 Venture Overland on Brandmeister

this has all been possible with the help of Mary KB3VPK

not sure how many of you had the honor of talking to Mary

she seems great, knowledgeable of radio, snowmobiling and motorcycles

Ive had nothing but great QSOs with her & her friends in the mornings on 31655

if you dabble in allstar & lack DMR capabilities you now have access to dmr

hopefully these bridges will bring more folks and more QSOs to the talkgroup

Bridge has now been operational again for the last few weeks

Travis W0MUD has some of the finest audio Ive heard coming thru allstar to DMR

so join on in

73 Mike

KK6ATA APRS Tracks to alaska

KK6ATA APRS Tracks to Alaska

Not sure how many of you here have spoken with Jason KK6ATA

he will be in the process of traveling to Alaska during our talkgroup discussion of APRS on June 25th 2020

the link will show his journey if anyone is interested

not sure if anyone will catch him direct as he passes by on the trip North for those of you in OR & WA etc

Hey All

Glad to find this on DMR! Looking forward to chatting with you all! I have a Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon.

Charles W5CSD

DMR Nets

Newly Revised List May 27 2020

**please share any you have knowledge of, updates, removal etc**

DMR Nets

Olympic Peninsula TG 31531  @4:30PM PST

TAC310, TG 310,  8 PM EDT
Hotspots and Hamradio Net 8:00pm PST (11:00pm EST), TG 31772 (net control can be absent at times)
DMR Track TG31489, 9pm EST
Iowa Statewide Net 19:30 CST, TG3119
Southeast Florida Net 20:00 EST, TG31124
Connecticut Statewide 20:30 EST, TG3109
Hawaii Newsline Net 17:00 HST, TG3115 (status unknown)
Canada DMR 21:00 EST, TG302
Midnight Net 21:00 PST , TG310

So FL DMR Tech Net, TG31124, 8pm ET
DMR-MARC NEDCN  8 – 9 PM is the PRA (Providence Radio Assn.) Net on NETAC1 TG (8801)

New England Wide, TG3181, DMR-MARC Mondays at 8 PM EDT (or TG4641 via DMR+)
PAPA Roundtable, TG 3106 at 20:00 PST
Crossroads Indiana 18:00 CST, TG31189

Oklahoma 20:00 CST TG3140
DMR-MARC NEDCN 8 – 9 PM is the New England DMR Net on New England Wide TG (3181)

Texas Tech Net BM , TG3148 Tuesdays 7pm EST
(EX Chestnut Ridge Digital Net ) Now –North Star Digital Net TG 31630 Tuesdays 9:00 PM EST.
East Coast Reflector Tech Net, TG31281 every Tuesday night at 8:00 EST and runs until 10:00 PM (odd check-in format)
Idaho Statewide 19:00 MST TG3116
Pennsylvania Statewide 20:00 EST, TG3142
Ventura County Digital Radio Club Net 19:30 PST, TG31070
SNARS DMR Net 20:00 PST, TG31328
Indiana Statewide 20:00 EST, TG3118

Arkansas Statewide 21:00 EST, TG31051
DMR-MARC NEDCN 8 – 9 PM is the Vermont State DMR Net on VT SW TG (3150)
HamRadioVentureOverland, TG31655 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 9:30Pm

NorthAmerica, NA, TG93 BM Wednesdays 8pm EST
DMR Astronomy, TG31175, Wednesdays @ 9pm EST/6pm PST
Ohio Statewide Net 19:30 CST Ohio TG3139
Texas Statewide Net 17:30 CST, TG3148
After HamNation Net 19:00 PST, TAC-311
Pacific NW 19:00 PST, TG31771

Oregon Statewide 20:00 PST,TG3141
DMR-MARC NEDCN 8 – 9 PM is the YCCC Contesting and DX Net on NETAC1 TG (8801)
King County Fusion Net, TG31653 9PM EST

Caribbean DMR Net, TG969 at 8 Pm local (00:00 UTC)
Kentucky Net 20:00 EST, TG3121
West Virginia DMR and Service net 20:00 EST, TG3154
Arkansas Skywarn 20:00 EST, TG3105
PAPA Technical Round Table (cross-mode) 20:00 PST XLX013 TG31078
NorCal 19:00 PST, TG31068
Ventura County Digital Radio Club 19:00 PST TG310652
Hytera USA 19:30 PST, TG31089

DMR+ USA, TG133, REF 4639,TG31665 Fridays at 8:30 PM EST, (aka TGIF Net)

Tennessee Statewide 21:00 CST, TG3147

Overland Bound 8:30PM EST TG1137550

World Wide, TG#91, BM Saturdays at 12 noon EST
Outdoor Adventure Group, TG31172 Saturdays @10am PST (1pm EST) (net control can be absent at times)
BM Worldwide Net 14:00 UTC TG 91
Outdoor 4×4 Net 12:30 PST (3:30pm EST), TG31772 (net control can be absent at times)

TAC311, 11:11pm EST daily

please share any you have knowledge of, updates, removal etc

New to DMR but Experianced in Overlanding



New to DMR and came across this talkgroup. Sounds like it’s a pefect mix of my interests. Just got my first DMR radio and looking to make some new acquaintances. I’m overlanding full time in my Toyota Tundra in North America. Currently stuck in California waiting out this virus. Have been all along the west coast of Canada and the USA. Feel free to check out my rig and some of my photos at

Hope to see some of you on 31655 soon.


New visitor

TYUTY-10.jpg KUKYU-9.jpg 11_SMALL-6.jpg NR-7.jpg SAILORS-LOT-004-8.jpg 5_SMALL-3.jpg 12_SMALL-4.jpg 9_SMALL-5.jpg SAILORS_LOT_077-0.jpg 14_SMALL-1.jpg 16_SMALL-2.jpg

G’day, newbie to the group here….

Name is Geoff (VK2FMAZ) and I live in northern New South Wales, Australia. I spend as much time as possible outdoors either camping deep in the scrub or doing beach runs. When outdoors, I normally take portable Ham Radio gear with me and I also have some radio equipment setup in my 4WD Holden Colorado ute (Barrett 2050 commercial land-mobile HF with private TelCall & Ham frequencies fitted, UHF CB radio & portable digital HotSpot for DMR Brandmeister/WiresX etc).

These are pics from some of my most recent “adventures!”


Cottonwood Canyon State Park. moro, oregon

Just got back from a great weekend with Travis W0MUD, Tim WB7TIM, and Troy KI7HML. Travis planned the trip to activate the area for Parks On The Air. Travis and Tim both had Yaesu QRP rigs (FT-817 and FT-818) with wire antennas, battery packs, solar panels, etc. Tim was operating CW and while we heard a lot of signals, were struggling to get out of the canyon. Both Travis and Troy are Jeep guys with some nice rides so it was fun to check out the mods and radio gear installs.

I didn’t arrive until Saturday as I was tied up with a previous commitment but the guys said it was cold and rained pretty hard. Felt sorry for Tim who toughed the night out in the bicycling tent. When I got there, his sleeping bag was hanging to dry. You can see it hanging in the picture lower left.

We all did our own thing for dinner Saturday night and as night fell, the ground was lit up bright by the moon and the sky clear with stars. Turned in a bit early as the fire died down and the temp plummeted. No complaints from the group… got the feeling the first night was pretty brutal and they were ready to catch up on some sleep. I spent the night in my tent for the first time in years. My camper was removed awaiting my new canopy that hasn’t come in yet. Decided to not put the camper back on in case they guys wanted to do a bit of overland exploring. The tent was fun for a change and I slept pretty good. I did run my buddy heater until it ran out of fuel at some point. When I woke up, I switched the bottle and fired it up again to warm things up before I rolled out of the sleeping bag. I think Tim took some notes from this seasoned camper for next time 🙂

I had recently picked up a Yaesu FTM-400XDR and lucked out that these guys were all Fusion Experts. They got my radio set up with all the APRS functions and we experimented with Yaesu Group Mode that allowed us to see each others direction and distance apart as we traveled home.

Had a great time! Thanks to Travis for inviting me. I hope to have more adventures with these guys.

Show us your rig! KB7RQQ’s full size Ram

Time to get this started…. While not the most ‘overland’ by what’s become today’s standards… This is my adventure/off road/camping/fishing/get to and from work rig. It’s a 2006 Ram TRX4. Camper is a 1990 Sunlite Eagle pop-up. She’s on her second 5.7l engine at 209k miles but still has a lot of life left in her.

Somewhere in the High Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon

The pop-up gives you a bunch of headroom, and a low center of gravity. The extra weight really helps with rear traction and poor fuel mileage 🙂

In the last two seasons, the front suspension was rebuilt with new leveled coil-overs, new rear shocks, air-bags, and exhaust system.

Tires are Toyo all-terrains. My son works for Les Schwab Tire Centers that brought Toyo into this country. I know there are better choices but these hold up well (good discounts) and aren’t too crazy since I’m a daily freeway commuter with this truck.

Lava Flow near La Pine, Oregon
My friend Mike getting a couple drinks ready for the campfire

Radios are always being switched out. Usually just have a 2m rig in here. This was last year when I thought I might like DMR repeaters… Don’t so CS-800 is for sale. I have a cellular based WIFI hotspot for my PiStar device now so handhelds like my Yaesu FT2D and my Anytone 868 are passengers. Will likely go for a fusion dual bander like the FTM-400 to add APRS.

Anyway, This is my get-out-of-town rig for now. Will likely add a front bumper and put my Warn M8000 back on at some point. Have put that off because I’d rather have a receiver/tray mount set-up front and rear. Been a couple of times that I have nosed into trouble and needed a pull from the rear.