Wyoming Roads


As we talked about here is an example of our road closures. The far southeast corner is where Cheyenne is.

Antenna Lip Mounts for KK7IAA


I hope this helps


Mike AA1PR

Rickreal, Oregon HAM Swapmeet. Not a big success, but picked up some goodies.

Picked up a couple of portable receivers to add to the collection. A Grundig G4 and Grundig Traveller VII. I might have a problem.. I want them all. Here is the SWL side of the shack. Going to need some shelves in the shack soon. Seamus N7MYW will have some video up soon for YouTube and some pics on Instagram.

Current SW collection…

Tecsun: H-501x, PL-368, PL-330

Sangean ATS-909×2

Icom IC-R1

CountyComm GP7/SSB

SDRPlay: RSP1a and RSP1dx

Grundig G4 and Traveller VII

Montgomery Wards Airline 5-band

My Favorite Plane photos

Seat-1-12-9.jpg IMG_8660-1-8.JPG IMG_8658-1-7.JPG IMG_8170-1-6.JPG IMG_8456-1-5.JPG IMG_8103-1-4.JPG IMG_8072-1-3.JPG IMG_8535-1-2.JPG IMG_8528-1-1.JPG IMG_8431-1-0.JPG

This was S.e.a.t. team fighting a fire around the area of Laramie. The sounds of the engines, and watching them land was so amazing and take off from the water. Seeing how low they get to the surrounding area. They made so many passes, this was a couple hours watching them. It was great.

Cruise the Legend

CTL-August-2020-0.jpg CTL-August-2020-1-3-1.jpg CTL-August-2020-1-13-2.jpg CTL-August-2020-1-32-3.jpg CTL-August-2020-1-4-4.jpg CTL-August-2020-1-7-5.jpg

Classic cars the group that does this calls it Cruise the Legend here in Cheyenne, WY. This was just a fun thing to try getting cars clear and background blurry.

Hello from Wyoming.

Introductions I am not the best at, but here goes.
My name is Mary from Cheyenne Wyoming.
I got my Ham license in Aug 2022, General. I enjoy DMR, but I do have an icom 718. My husband Don got his License in July 2022.
We enjoy foam electric RC planes, photography, target shooting and Ham is our new hobby. We do have a camper, that sits in storage currently. Maybe this year we can take it out to some favorite spots here in Wyoming and share pictures and adventures.
I look forward to talking with the rest of the group.


VT Winter Campfire

got out with my kid to go have a small campfire & some food to pass the time away


Hello everyone,

I’m just found this group and I thought it might be a nice fit for me. A little about myself, my wife and I do a lot of camping in our small teardrop type trailer that is pulled with a Jeep Wrangler JKU. I’ve been a ham operator for several years but haven’t done a whole lot with it except for monitoring the trails frequencies. We live in Glendale, AZ next to Phoenix.

I look forward to hearing from you and take care,

Dave Kayser, K7WTW

Ham Radio Venture Overland Access Links

I have tried to consolidate these inks all in one post



P25, Allstar & DMR Bridges

Sept 23rd, 2022 St Helen’s Camping

Took a trip up into the Gifford Pinchot Forest of Washington State over the weekend. Feel like I’m running out of time before the snow flies even though it’s nearly October and still hot and dry. Feel like a switch is going to flip and it’ll be winter. Mostly drove forest roads to get a good view of the mountain. Found a couple of great spots and camped for the weekend. This is the first overnighter in my smaller rig and, as usual, I forgot a few items and took others I decided could be paired down.

Mt. St. Helens Lahar

This is a view of the Lahar. The mountain mostly blew out to the northeast. This is looking from the southeast. I really wanted to camp out here and watch the sun come up but this road was pretty well traveled with people wanting to get a look and since it’s a protected area, you couldn’t go more than 100 feet from the road on already established pull outs.

This would have been a great place to watch the sun rise had it not been so busy.

Found this cool spot a ways back on forest road 81 and decided to hang out here for the night. It was set up as multiple little sites but I never had anyone come down the road to check it out. Had a little stream that ran behind me that was running fast enough that I could hear it. Nice to be in solitude and listen to the creek. I couldn’t hit the WA7BF repeater from here and I had no bars so I had to get my radio signals the old fashioned way. I listened to 40 and 80m SSB for a on my shortwave receiver then scanned the SW bands eventually settling on 5085 WTWW for some music.

I entertained myself by listening to shortwave radio and reading mainly. I kept the meals simple with just one pot. Did a steak, onion and potato dinner. Breakfast was sausage, cheese, and eggs in the pot.

And, of course, coffee. All in all a fun trip with some much needed time in the woods.