Restarting Wednesday Evening Net

I have been questioned a couple of times in the last few weeks about our net
is anyone interested in Restarting the Wednesday Evening Nets
if so please respond and also respond if you are interested in being a net control station
I think it would be gret to kick our net back off & to hopefully draw more interest and hams to the talkgroup
thoughts, opinions etc?

Winter camping in Oregon

IMG_2244-2.jpeg IMG_2235-0.jpeg IMG_2241-1.jpeg

I finally got a chance to try out the new rooftop tent last weekend in central OR, southeast of Bend. The tent is a Roofnest Condor XL, mounted on my trusty 1987 FJ60. The weather was perfect – crystal clear in the evening for star gazing, and a little frosty in the morning. The tent was flawless. Easy to put up and take down, tons of room, and very comfortable to sleep in. Can’t wait for the next trip!

snow ride video

Droid-Star for Digital Modes & HRVO Access

here is an app I have been using for a few days to get on the vhf/uhf digital modes

I found it took almost 24 hours to be approved & it works great

hopefully you can install the app for digital modes & join  us on Ham Radio Venture Overland

  heres my short video about it

Checking in from Central Oregon

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Playing HF from the high desert of Oregon

Post thanksgiving overland day trip

Feeling like I needed to get out instead of spending the day on the couch, I headed north to the southern end of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest to check out some forest roads. The day started out pretty foggy and as I hit the 2,000ft mark the temperature dropped near freezing.

There were some new clear cut areas and some slash piles that were burning that didn’t help the haziness.

About mid-morning, the fog rolled out, the sun got bright, and it ended up being a pretty nice day. I stopped at McClellan overlook and was able to get a good picture of the south-side of St. Helens. I took this opportunity to make a cup of coffee, eat some turkey-day leftovers, and just enjoy the sunshine at the tailgate and take in this view for a while.

I took the opportunity to check out the ‘Trail of two Forests‘ again. Such a cool area. The road to the Ape Caves was closed for the season so this made for a good place to stop for a bit and take in the scenery.

I took the long way home which heads south-east and brings you out through the town of Carson, then Stevenson Washington on the Columbia River, then Hwy-14 all the way home. A fun and scenic 200 mile trip with all the little excursions. The sign below that says F$$K Inslee… He’s our governor. I’m taking it they aren’t a fan of Covid related shutdowns!

Many cool old buildings along the way. This one caught my eye…

My APRS Track for the trip KB7RQQ-9

podcast – Root One Six Grind

HRVO regular, Brian Plummer KJ3EPN, has a podcast that I’m sure will be of interest to all on this site. Topics related to off-roading and hunting. Search for the podcasts and visit his website at

Root One Six Off Road also has a YouTube channel. Check it out here!

73, Todd KB7RQQ

Ham Radio Venture Overland Decal Challenge

Ham Radio Venture Overland Decal Challenge

HRVO DMR Bridge Online

**UPDATE 10/11/2020 HRVO DMR Bridge is now online again , many thanks goes out to Mary KB3VPK for the assistance

on friday evenings I will connect us in the overlandbound net as usual

let me know your thoughts

73 mike AA1PR