Show us your rig! KB7RQQ’s full size Ram

Time to get this started…. While not the most ‘overland’ by what’s become today’s standards… This is my adventure/off road/camping/fishing/get to and from work rig. It’s a 2006 Ram TRX4. Camper is a 1990 Sunlite Eagle pop-up. She’s on her second 5.7l engine at 209k miles but still has a lot of life left in her.

Somewhere in the High Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon

The pop-up gives you a bunch of headroom, and a low center of gravity. The extra weight really helps with rear traction and poor fuel mileage 🙂

In the last two seasons, the front suspension was rebuilt with new leveled coil-overs, new rear shocks, air-bags, and exhaust system.

Tires are Toyo all-terrains. My son works for Les Schwab Tire Centers that brought Toyo into this country. I know there are better choices but these hold up well (good discounts) and aren’t too crazy since I’m a daily freeway commuter with this truck.

Lava Flow near La Pine, Oregon
My friend Mike getting a couple drinks ready for the campfire

Radios are always being switched out. Usually just have a 2m rig in here. This was last year when I thought I might like DMR repeaters… Don’t so CS-800 is for sale. I have a cellular based WIFI hotspot for my PiStar device now so handhelds like my Yaesu FT2D and my Anytone 868 are passengers. Will likely go for a fusion dual bander like the FTM-400 to add APRS.

Anyway, This is my get-out-of-town rig for now. Will likely add a front bumper and put my Warn M8000 back on at some point. Have put that off because I’d rather have a receiver/tray mount set-up front and rear. Been a couple of times that I have nosed into trouble and needed a pull from the rear.




Hello from W7BC. I live in Olympia Wa and play between Arizona and Washington. Also enjoy Ham radio and have a mobile HF install for my Earthcruiser.

Kentucky HAM Jeep Family


New to overlanding in 2019, love it! With all 5 of us or just with friends – this is the best.
Just got my Technician license and really excited about the combination.

Hope to learn more about overlanding trips around USA and how others are using HAM along the way.

Back on DMR

Its been a long time! I just wanted you all to know that I have not forgotten all of you. I have not been active with DMR for quite sometime so I just ordered an OpenSpot 3 and when that sucker comes in the mail box I will link in to say hello. I sure do hope all has been well for all of you and I am looking forward to chatting with you all again. – W0MUD.

An introduction and what to do while on vacation!

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Hello everyone!
KK6KND AKA Dustin here from sunny Southern California. I just figured I’d finally drop in and introduce myself after being on the TG for awhile now LOL.  A little bit about me first. I’m very much into Ham Radio and Overlanding. Been a technician since 2014 and dabbled in just about all modes and bands available to my license class. I’m looking to upgrade my ticket this year to General to expand upon my privileges and dive into the world of HF. Beyond ham radio, I’m into all sorts of other stuff. Computers, Pyrotechnics (Yes I’m professionally licensed), pretty much any outdoor activity, RC cars, and model building (models kits, Erector sets, Lego Kits, and Petite Block kits). I’m sure there are a ton more things I’m forgetting, but please feel free to ask.
Now my rig… I go out and about in our world in a 2013 Tacoma Regular Cab. Her name is “Paige”. Since I’ve purchased her, she’s gone through a series of changes to customize her to my needs. Starting off she got a 3in lift, a camper shell, 30.5in tires, and a boatload of electronics… She got cameras front and rear for self spotting while cresting and off roading, a bunch of radios for various modes of communication, and even some electronics for tunes via satellite. Aside from that, we installed a lunchbox locker into the rear end so help get us where we need to go and temporarily finished by building an in-bed drawer system with sleeping platform. It’s set up just right… for the moment. More plans are in the works.
Now for the last part. What to do on vacation? or more specifically what to do while on vacation and can’t go much of anywhere due to various commitments locally? Simple… Play on the Ham Radio and BUILD LEGO KITS! By request, I’ve included some pics of the lego kits I build these last few weeks. I’m only attaching pics of some of the kits individually as I build over 20, but the remainder can be seen from the pic of the top of my desk. Anyone else into kit building?
-Dustin (KK6KND aka PyroTaco)

Trip to Southern Oregon Wildlife Parks

My wife and I took a trip down to the Southern Oregon coast to visit Wildlife Safari in Winston Oregon, and the Bandon Wildlife Park in Bandon, Or.  I took a bunch of pictures so here is a few.  Very fun trip and only 5-hours away from where we live.  We stayed in our trailer at a KOA in Langlois Oregon.  Wildlife Safari is a drive through safari and the Bandon Wildlife Park is a walk through were you can get up close and even handle some of the animals.  Weather was good and it was a fun trip.

2019 Peak of Autumn

Most I shot with the cell phone the other 3 were with my old Nikon D70

WW1VT ARRL Sept 2019 VHF Contest Vlog

WW1VT ARRL Sept 2019 VHF Contest Vlog


WW1VT ARRL Sept 2019 VHF Contest Vlog