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Here is short report about our first pota/bike micro-adventure over the weekend. My son an I took a ride of 21 miles to a campsite in POTA DA-0110 (JO44). My new (mini-) cargo-bike carried the tent, groundsheet, seats and a box with food, drinks, cooking gear and the radio equipment. Most of the ride was along the Kiel Kanal. The campsite is listed as “wild camping” site, but actually it is located in the garden of a former farm and provides some basic infrastructure. We set up a small qrp station and managed to make a few contacts (inside Europe). The next morning we packed our stuff and headed home again (note the picture of two container-carriers at the Kiel Kanal). Our summary: the trip was fun and we hope to do another one soon again.

XLX303 Colorado Digital Reflector

For those who are crossmode from YSF to DMR here is the list for XLX303

some really cool folks to chat with on these other DG IDs

I just set one channel in my radio for my duplex hotspot and change the DG ID in radio as needed

if DMR was only this simple to do

Hi all!

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Heard about you all on the HRCC podcast EP 188
I’m not sure how to join the Sunday net (technically) but I’ll figure it out and check-in one of these Sundays.
The photos are from when I was on the Colorado Section Net on April 10, 2023 from my campsite in De Beque on my IC-705 with the Chameleon CHA TDL (Tactical Delta Loop). It was a great net and am still shocked on what happened to Amanda Alden K1DDN (CO Section Manager) health shortly after. Best wishes to her and her family and for a quick recovery.

I’m mostly QRP and like to play radio outside, but really enjoy all aspects of HAM radio and Overlanding. It’s pretty cool that I learned about this group that also likes those things too!

New Wires-X Room and connection info

A quick update: The Wires-X room ID has changed to: 81335

Also, Don’t forget about XLX-303 for Dstar and YSF users. Visit: for more info.

From Colorado Digital’s Site……….

Colorado Digital Multiprotocol: democratizing digital by bridging modes

You’ve found your way to the web home of Colorado Digital. We are a group of digital amateur radio enthusiasts who experiment with, build, and maintain a system of multiprotocol talkgroups. We bridge together D-STAR, DMR, YSF (C4FM), WIRES-X, NXDN, P25, and other stuff under different talkgroups, helping to make it possible for amateurs to talk to each other no matter what digital mode they are using. We are not a traditional club, though we do have a club callsign (W0CDM).

We specialize in using hotspots and other personal access points to these systems, but of course we use terrestrial repeaters as well. Be sure to check out our blog section for posts from our group, and our net page for information on the different nets that use our system. Also join our Telegram Group which carries a lot of useful conversation.

The hub of our system is an XLX server, XLX303. Please check back regularly as we are always changing the configuration, building out new links, and optimizing the bridges. Here is the current configuration:

You can connect to XLX303 using YSF 30300. This will default into Module D. To change modules, use WIRES-X commands or change your transmit DG-ID. The DG-IDs for each module can be seen on the Modules Page. We really encourage you to use YSF to connect directly since we have upgraded XLX303 to v2.5.2. We have phased out the standalone YSF reflectors 31088 and 31083 as they were redundant.

AllStarLink Bubble Charts

This is a bubble chart showing the All Star Link connections earlier today. Bubble ‘Node 1999’ is brandmeister and it shows that Mike, Travis, and Martin’s nodes were all connected to the bridge as well as my wide area node at 432.225 mHz in Hazel Dell. Mike and Martin are using the “RepeaterPhone” app as their nodes, Travis has an RF node mobile in his semi truck. So many ways to connect to this talk group. This is fun!

AE7DC New here

I heard about this forum from Michael AA1PR after stumbling into the talkgroup before work. I am not sure about the process of joining the forum. Hopefully attempting to post will get me there! 🙂

Day After 2nd Snow Storm


I always love the day after a good storm, when it is sunny and calm. This picture is from the back porch after storm #2 of the year. If you look closely at the shed, you can see the Comet GP5 standing strong.

HRVO Sunday Net

Shortwave PIRATES!

When scanning around the HF Bands, check 6925 – 7000 kHz from time to time. There are almost always evening pirate radio shows with some wacky fun stuff to listen to. This happens to be a well known pirate from New York. He used to buy airtime on WBCQ in Monticello Maine, hence, the ID. This is not, however, WBCQ’s broadcast.