1A4D09B5-AC23-4FE2-9274-76B7471AA080-1.jpeg 68F28C65-64C3-4C40-A882-496AFEBAC242-0.jpeg

It works! FT2D and Rugged Spot

Ruled Out: Will DMR Repeaters be Replaced by Hotspots? -Repeaterbook.com

The author of Repeaterbook.com is a Portlander and obviously experienced the Oregon North System.  Well written.

– Excerpt 

“Rules that promote good operating practices and promote a better a well-mannered community environment are important. The unfortunate part of some rules is that they sometimes go beyond the rules that help encourage good operating practices that we used to call “Elmering.” Instead, the promote exclusivity, classes, and cliques within the community. I often wonder, “if a repeater owner wants his system of repeaters to be quiet, why is it even hooked up to a c-bridge that connects to the rest of the world?” Just cluster them and wall off from everyone else.  It’s like building your house along the busy highway for good transportation access but complaining about the traffic.”

Link to whole article …..


Listening to AA1PR on HRVO


My grandson Brantleigh listening to Mike on the MD380

Afternoon at the gardens

20181217_172726 20181217_170318 20181217_172205 20181217_172526-3.jpg 20181217_170444-2.jpg 20181217_173037-1.jpg 20181217_172205-0.jpg

Hiking at The Gardens


What is Overland

What is Overland

It seems the modern catch phrase for over-landing means to have a fully equipped 4×4 off road vehicle with all the luxuries. One must have a RTT, freezer, awning and so forth. Sadly its definition has been altered with a new generation.

Personally its communing with nature, getting off the beaten path. Taking a less traveled dirt road, or that old trail over the mountain and through the woods that you have always wondered where it led.

One does not have to be traversing rocky steep grades or buried to the axles in mud. Even though that is fun. If I happen to find a nice camp spot, we call that home for the evening.

Hopefully one can find peace in nature. For myself and my family its views like these that are part of the fun, If you never explore, you will never get the chance to see such views.

73, so get outside and Venture Overland


DMR Nets

Ive been building a net list on my forum for about 2 years now

DMR Nets

TAC310, TG310, Sundays at 8 PM EDT
Hotspots and Hamradio Net 8:00pm PST (11:00pm EST), TG31772 (net control can be absent at times)
DMR Track TG31489, Sundays at 9pm EST
Iowa Statewide Net 19:30 CST, TG3119
Southeast Florida Net 20:00 EST, TG31124
Connecticut Statewide 20:30 EST, TG3109
Hawaii Newsline Net 17:00 HST, TG3115 (status unknown)
Canada DMR 21:00 EST, TG302
Midnight Net 21:00 PST , TG310
So FL DMR Tech Net, TG31124, 8pm ET

New England Wide, TG3181, DMR-MARC Mondays at 8 PM EDT (or TG4641 via DMR+)
PAPA Roundtable, TG 3106 at 20:00 PST
Crossroads Indiana 18:00 CST, TG31189
Oklahoma 20:00 CST TG3140

Texas Tech Net BM , TG3148 Tuesdays 7pm EST
Chestnut Ridge Digital Net – BM Tuesday 9:00 PM New York State Talk Group 3136
East Coast Reflector Tech Net, TG31281 every Tuesday night at 8:00 EST and runs until 10:00 PM (odd check-in format)
Idaho Statewide 19:00 MST TG3116
Pennsylvania Statewide 20:00 EST, TG3142
Ventura County Digital Radio Club Net 19:30 PST, TG31070
SNARS DMR Net 20:00 PST, TG31328
Indiana Statewide 20:00 EST, TG3118
Arkansas Statewide 21:00 EST, TG31051

HamRadioVentureOverland, TG31655 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 9:30Pm

NorthAmerica, NA, TG93 BM Wednesdays 8pm EST
DMR Astronomy, TG31175, Wednesdays @ 9pm EST/6pm PST
Ohio Statewide Net 19:30 CST Ohio TG3139
Texas Statewide Net 17:30 CST, TG3148
After HamNation Net 19:00 PST, TAC-311
Pacific NW 19:00 PST, TG31771
Oregon Statewide 20:00 PST,TG3141

King County Fusion Net, TG31653 9PM EST

Caribbean DMR Net, TG969 at 8 Pm local (00:00 UTC)
Kentucky Net 20:00 EST, TG3121
West Virginia DMR and Service net 20:00 EST, TG3154
Arkansas Skywarn 20:00 EST, TG3105
PAPA Technical Round Table (cross-mode) 20:00 PST XLX013 TG31078
NorCal 19:00 PST, TG31068
Ventura County Digital Radio Club 19:00 PST TG310652
Hytera USA 19:30 PST, TG31089

DMR+ USA, TG133, REF 4639,TG31665 Fridays at 8:30 PM EST, (aka TGIF Net)
Tennessee Statewide 21:00 CST, TG3147

World Wide, TG#91, BM Saturdays at 12 noon EST
Outdoor Adventure Group, TG31172 Saturdays @10am PST (1pm EST) (net control can be absent at times)
BM Worldwide Net 14:00 UTC TG 91
Outdoor 4×4 Net 12:30 PST (3:30pm EST), TG31772 (net control can be absent at times)

TAC311, 11:11pm EST daily

Please share any you have knowledge of, updates, removal etc.

“Outhouse” we built at fish camp in Lapine, Or.

B3892AB3-87F3-4BA8-BA91-2B1FEBD91688-5.jpeg 4D0EF17E-E407-4C04-AFE6-31DC3F64E89E-4.jpeg 2FD1F6AA-A884-47C8-84E4-51A0C34468A8-3.jpeg 300346EB-A7F3-4A5B-B563-0AE0BB550502-2.jpeg F1A0A83A-160F-4A01-8D9A-18F8F9384C97-1.jpeg 94F416F3-98E9-400D-B4F8-A0ACE048D83F-0.jpeg


Probably the fanciest one in the area. All reclaimed materials and items like the vanity, lighting, and shower were all from Craigslist😜. We did buy cedar fence boards for the walls. The ceiling is old weathered barn wood found on the lot. It’s packed with insulation and fed from a water heater that’s in the 35’ Silverstreak trailer next to it.

AA1PR’s Vehicle Survival Kit

Here is an item I feel we should all have on our body (vehicle my case) when ever we venture into the great outdoors. You should base your kit upon your needs, whether you build it or buy it, it should be on your body/vehicle and not in a pack that could be lost…make it season dependent.

Here is the kit to show its contents, missing is the s snare wire , So I have to replace them as of now. It provides ample room for what I want to carry along into the woods. I do not intend to survive beyond a few days , but just one night if need be, was my thinking or at least make it a bit more comfortable in a sense. Since I cant literally walk out

I have thought about adding a few aspirins, some tin-foil and maybe a few band-aids too.

It may not be perfect but it works for my needs and where I venture.

List (not complete):

wild edibles book, mesh nets for collecting food, trapping fish etc

USGS maps and compass in green case hanging off pack

IFAK, heat sheets, bivy bag, magnesium firestarter, fox whistles, bug spray wipe

warm insulated clothes, hat, gloves, polar fleece jacket, pants etc, boonie hat, columbia rain gear, socks, underwear all the creature comforts

msr water filter and bleach, nalgene large mouth bottle

knives, multi tools, sharpening stones etc

hammock, tent stakes, paracord and misc gear

headlamp, slingshot (hopefully to harvest some food)

assorted foods, msr pocket rocket stove, fuel etc

all stuffed into a molle 3 day pack

its better to have and not need, than to need and not have

Go-Kit and related supplies

Suggested Go-Kit Supplies
Use this list as a guide or memory jogger only –
no one could or would carry all this and still call it a “Go-Kit”

Go-Kit (Radio Equipment and Gear)

Radio Equipment Radio, 2 meter
Radio, 220
Radio, 440
Radio, HF
Radio, 6 meter
Speaker mikes/headsets
Battery packs for each radio
NiCad packs for each radio
Multi-Outlet Power Strips
Self-Contained Power Backup Units
12V battery
5/8 wave whip antenna
Rubber duck mag-mount antenna
2-M/220/440 mag-mount antenna(s)
Patch cords
Extension cords
GMRS/FRS transceivers
Anderson® Power Poles
Surge-Protected Power Strips
CB Radio
3-prong to 2-prong adapter
Spare fuses
Repeater directory
Cell phone
Slow-Scan Transceivers
Ham Radio Plates on Vehicle
ARRL® Net Directory

Miscellaneous ARES Items DMV license
FCC Amateur license
FCC GMRS license
Disaster Service Worker card
Mini-MAGlite® for directing traffic
Message forms
Log sheets
Rosters/phone lists
Personal ID Badges
ARES® uniform
ARES® vehicle placard
ICS Forms
Binoculars/spotting scope
ARES® Field Manual

Tool Box Screwdriver, slotted
Screwdriver, Phillips
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Small hammer
Socket wrenches
Tower Belt
Electrical tape
Hookup wire
Wire stripper
Alligator clips
Jumper cables
Cable ties
Super Glue
Allen wrenches
Duct tape
SWR meter (HF/VHF)
Soldering iron/solder

Go-Kit (Personal Support Gear and Supplies)

Personal Items Underwear
Socks (wool)
Socks (cotton)
Cap (wool)
Cap (visor or hat)
Gloves (wool)
Gloves (leather)
Poncho/rain suit
Dental floss
Vaseline®/hand lotion, oil
Razor blades
Sewing kit
Hearing Aid(s) w/Spare batteries
Facial tissue
Insect repellant
Spare eyeglasses
Spare contact lenses, supplies
Feminine hygiene items
Baby powder

First Aid Supplies Gauze pads, 4″
Antiseptic cream (with anesthetic)
Hydrogen peroxide
Elastic wraps
Burn cream
Anti-bacterial wipes
New Skin®
Cloth tape
Gloves, latex
Gloves, vinyl
Gloves, Nitrile
Anti-diarrhea medication
(3) Triangular Bandages
Nail clippers
Cough Drops
Throat lozenges
Instant cold pack
Instant heat pack
Prescription meds
(2) Tongue Depressor Blades
Dust/bacterial mask
Band aids
Cotton Balls
Safety pins

Shelter/Camping Supplies Tent
Ground cloth/tarp
Lantern (electric/fuel)
Sleeping bags
Sheets, pillow cases
Waterproof matches
Cigarette lighter
Small broom
Garbage bags, ties
Safety pins
Portable broadcast radio
Plastic Sheeting
Candles/chemical light sticks
A-B-C-type Fire extinguisher
Alarm clock
Space blankets
Portable toilet
Carbon monoxide detector

Cooking Supplies Paper/plastic plates, bowls
Paper/plastic cups
Plastic utensils
Manual Can opener
Bottle opener
Swiss army knife
Sterno stove/fuel
Cook pots
Aluminum foil
Plastic wrap
Zip-Lock bags

Sanitation Soap, antibacterial
Soap, hand
Soap, liquid
Pet litter
Towels, paper
Towels, cloth
Toilet paper (in Zip-Lok bag)
Water purification tablets/bleach
Baby wipes

Food & Water Canned meat/fish
Canned vegetables/fruit
Canned macaroni, spaghetti
Canned beans/chili
Canned pudding
Canned baby formula
Canned pet food
Peanut butter
Cheese spread
Dried fruit
Trail mix/granola/nuts
Snacks/candy bars
Powdered milk, creamer
Water (2 gal/person/day)
MREs (military survival rations)

Safety Equipment Flashlights
Safety helmet
Dust mask
Ear Plugs
Gloves, leather
Chemical light sticks
Red Cross Course Certification Cards
Batteries (sizes for all uses)
2-million Candlepower Spotlight

Go-Kit Car-Kit

Vehicle Equipment County Street-Level Atlas
(4) cans of Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat®
4-way Lug Wrench
Small Tool Kit
3-in-1 Lighter Socket Adapter
12 VDC 275 PSI Compressor
(5) Highway flares
Automobile Accident Reports
12-volt Reading Lamp

Go-Kit BUGOUT-Kit (If you have to vacate your home)

Important Documents
(**Copy Only – in Watertight Container!!) Birth Certificate **
Marriage Certificate **
Passport **
Insurance Papers **
Stocks and Bonds **
Immunization Papers **
Cash (including change)
Checks and Traveler Checks
Driver’s License **
Social Security Card **
Wills **
Deeds **
Household Inventory Lists **
Credit Card Account Numbers **
Personal Identification Cards
1 Credit Card



for further info on ideas

Winter Fishing in the High Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon

IMG_2764 IMG_2738 IMG_2737 IMG_3072-9.JPG IMG_3101-10.JPG IMG_3102-11.JPG IMG_2745-8.jpg IMG_2748-7.jpg IMG_3063-6.jpg IMG_3059-5.jpg IMG_3061-4.jpg IMG_3050-3.jpg IMG_3053-2.jpg IMG_3054-1.jpg IMG_3051-0.jpg


Here’s some pics from my trip to La Pine, Oregon. Visited North Twin and Cultus Lake. we wanted to fish Lava Lake but when we started pushing snow with my bumper I decided to turn around. Fishing was slow with the fridged weather but the wilderness was beautiful!

#winter #troutfishing #cascades #snow #oregon