Survival kit, Never Leave Home Without It

Survival kit, Never Leave Home Without It or you might never return

home again

It may not guarantee your survival but it will better your odds

What you do with it that matters if you know how to affect your survival

Don’t let this situation effect your thinking, think positive since you

have the tools to survive

There is no embarrassment in admitting you are either in trouble or lost

I’ve been confused about my location several times, there’s no shame in admittance

The shame is being not surviving, being found by search and rescue one day after you’ve departed this world

Don’t be a number, be a story that lives on


Build two, practice with one, so you are ready if the time ever arrives

Morning visit

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Apples and carrots brought em in this morning. Lake Merwin, Wa.

Moka pot style espresso shots


Found this in my backpacking stuff from years ago. Makes a potent little cup of pick-me-up. Pinky out… sip-sip 🙂

Here we are! Talkgroup 31655 in the list!


We are listed! MW0MWZ’s list of brandmeister talkgroups.

Corn bread

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Dutch oven cooking takes lots of practice to get it right. Here is a good resource to ensure you get your cooking temperature correct.

My 92 Jeep “Cacuuy”

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We love our beaches down here in South Texas. It’s the only place to go to get away from civilization, 60 miles of no roads or anything man made.

Hog hunt



My girls waiting for a hog to shoot at.

Our Talk Group ID is officially 31655 !!

Thanks to Mike, AA1PR, we now have our very own Brandmeister Talk Group ID of 31655.  Program it up, use it!, and enjoy.

Cure to Ham Radio Narrow-Mindedness — Ham Radio & Off-Grid Power

Hello Operators Narrow-mindedness runs rampant in the ranks of the amateur radio community. Being honest, this annoys me to no end. So what’s the cure? There’s always a debate going on about the best antenna, the best radio, the best this, the best that, or even the best way to do something. For the most […]

via Cure to Ham Radio Narrow-Mindedness — Ham Radio & Off-Grid Power

Image size is no longer an issue

I was able to edit the user submit form to allow up to a 5000px X 5000px image width and height max. The submitted image will still show as a thumbnail. clicking on it will open it full screen. Much better since my default Iphone-7 square image is 3024 x 3024. Test and report…