u-boat activation

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Today I make a bike ride of 2x 15 miles to activate the callsign DK0DMB from the radio room of the u-boat U995. Here are some images of the ride and from the activity. I met Torsten, DG4LAX, so that one of us could operate my FT-100D and the other one could give some explanations to the visitors about amateur radio and let the try to key some letters on the morse key with Arduino-powered decoder.

1 – new hybrid passenger ferry in Kiel harbour
2 – museum ship harbour
3 – U995
4 – visitors peeking into the radio room
5 – a short break in the visitor stream, Torsten operating
6 – inside the radio room
7 – inside the radio room
8 – on the way home (along the beaches)
9 – these stations heard us

Here is great drone video someone made last year – at 3:44 you can see our outdoor antenna tuner mounted to the left side of the bridge (not visible for visitors):

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