“Balloon Sail” in Kiel

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One of the festivities of the “Kieler Woche” event is a meeting of hot air balloons. They launch in the late afternoon only 2 miles away from our home – just a short bike trip. On some evenings they do a show called “night glow”. The atmosphere is very relaxed, you can walk in between the balloons while they are being set up and watch them launch from a few feet distance. Here are some unedited pictures, taken with a rather simple camera (night image taken with the phone).

I uploaded more images to https://photos.app.goo.gl/S84hjrmLRc9kx7RP7 and will leave them there, until I run out of space. And here is a short clip of the “night glow” – if you know the air band frequency you can listen to the instructions of the “director”: https://youtu.be/u5jjHwjjOAE

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  1. Frank,
    thank you for sharing , great shots and video as always

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