Loving my new to me Nikon D7000

leo-bold-stare-4.jpg at-trail-sun-3.jpg Lefferts-Pond-1.jpg cardinal-2.jpg red-steel-0.jpg

scored me a Nikon D7000 a few weeks ago, wanted this camera years ago but ….
here are a few of my photos of my work with it
it has renewed my (lost)  interest in photography once again
& now Todd KB7RQQ has shown me the attributes of shooting in raw and turned my onto raw therapee

I hope you enjoy & would love to see your work as well

73 mike

2 Comments on “Loving my new to me Nikon D7000

  1. Mike,

    These are really good! I bought my wife a 35MM and then later a DSLR years ago that she does not use any more. I might need to liberate them and add one more hobby to the mix. HiHi

  2. Great pics. Love the reds and oranges in the lake scene. Leo is a handsome dude too.

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