HRVO 31655 DMR to Allstar Bridge 42282

Allstar Node 42282 will maintain a permanent connection to 31655 Venture Overland on Brandmeister

this has all been possible with the help of Mary KB3VPK

not sure how many of you had the honor of talking to Mary

she seems great, knowledgeable of radio, snowmobiling and motorcycles

Ive had nothing but great QSOs with her & her friends in the mornings on 31655

if you dabble in allstar & lack DMR capabilities you now have access to dmr

hopefully these bridges will bring more folks and more QSOs to the talkgroup

Bridge has now been operational again for the last few weeks

Travis W0MUD has some of the finest audio Ive heard coming thru allstar to DMR

so join on in

73 Mike

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