What is Overland

What is Overland

It seems the modern catch phrase for over-landing means to have a fully equipped 4×4 off road vehicle with all the luxuries. One must have a RTT, freezer, awning and so forth. Sadly its definition has been altered with a new generation.

Personally its communing with nature, getting off the beaten path. Taking a less traveled dirt road, or that old trail over the mountain and through the woods that you have always wondered where it led.

One does not have to be traversing rocky steep grades or buried to the axles in mud. Even though that is fun. If I happen to find a nice camp spot, we call that home for the evening.

Hopefully one can find peace in nature. For myself and my family its views like these that are part of the fun, If you never explore, you will never get the chance to see such views.

73, so get outside and Venture Overland


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  1. Exactly its different for all of us.
    my parents had a dodge van, Todds family did it in a VW
    as long as you’re out there, who cares
    get outside and venture overland

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