AA1PR’s Vehicle Survival Kit

Here is an item I feel we should all have on our body (vehicle my case) when ever we venture into the great outdoors. You should base your kit upon your needs, whether you build it or buy it, it should be on your body/vehicle and not in a pack that could be lost…make it season dependent.

Here is the kit to show its contents, missing is the s snare wire , So I have to replace them as of now. It provides ample room for what I want to carry along into the woods. I do not intend to survive beyond a few days , but just one night if need be, was my thinking or at least make it a bit more comfortable in a sense. Since I cant literally walk out

I have thought about adding a few aspirins, some tin-foil and maybe a few band-aids too.

It may not be perfect but it works for my needs and where I venture.

List (not complete):

wild edibles book, mesh nets for collecting food, trapping fish etc

USGS maps and compass in green case hanging off pack

IFAK, heat sheets, bivy bag, magnesium firestarter, fox whistles, bug spray wipe

warm insulated clothes, hat, gloves, polar fleece jacket, pants etc, boonie hat, columbia rain gear, socks, underwear all the creature comforts

msr water filter and bleach, nalgene large mouth bottle

knives, multi tools, sharpening stones etc

hammock, tent stakes, paracord and misc gear

headlamp, slingshot (hopefully to harvest some food)

assorted foods, msr pocket rocket stove, fuel etc

all stuffed into a molle 3 day pack

its better to have and not need, than to need and not have

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