Ray Black Fishing Sticks

Ray Black Fishing Sticks

I wanted something small that could be packed easily. At first I thought about one of those three foot kid poles and painting it as an alternative. So while in the sports shop I noticed these Ray Black fishing sticks. I remember my dad having one as I was a kid. These are basically a fancy drop line.  I thought these were small enough that they would slip into a pack, pouch or other location without too much hassle. They are about 13”X2”X1/4” overall. I did not weigh them, but they can not weigh more than 8 ounces each if that. The sticks were only $2@ and the line was $8 so I do not think this is too bad of an investment. So here are the gathered components for my simple project.

For the fishing line I chose to go with, “Ice line”, I have used this in black before. I feel it is more durable and has a 36lb test and is easier to work with the bare hands. However the shop owner states no one will buy or use black anymore so this almost fluorescent green will have to work. I guess in darker water this can have an advantage.

fishing sticks.jpg

With my first one, I wrapped somewhere between hopefully 25 to 30 yards around it [on both actually]. I do not think you could throw the line any further than that.

The next one I thought, what if I want to leave it while doing other camp chores, or if camp is not by the water source? So this Fishing stick I made a safety loop with carabineer. So I could say attach it to a tree or other object. This would also hopefully ensure that a larger (catch) fish would not drag off with the gear.

My Completed pair all ready to go minus hooks and sinkers of course. So for around $12 you have a system that can help to gather a source of food, which is tasty to eat too

These can go in the boat, car or a survival bag too


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  1. sorry you will have to either find your own or make some up
    its a simple design to replicate
    I dont want to sell mine, good luck in the search

  2. The mold for these has been acquired by a Vermont company. They are currently being manufactured in the red (shown), black, and blue. Being sold by R&L Archery, Barre VT, 802-479-9151.

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