** If there is one thing I must convey here is that if you are unsure of what you are touching or going to consume DO NOT ** get the correct books or do the research before you venture out. As in most cases a very small nibble or portion could/can kill you. **

**There are several poisonous look-a-likes for example Dogbane** Remember Milkweed does not have branches like the deadly ones.**

Hopefully we all know what it looks like but if not or just in case here is an example.

milklweed (2).JPG

Gather the leafy tops in the spring. Next wash off all the leaves and separate them from the little bit of stalk/stem that remains. I once read that these need to be brought to a boil and the water changed for three times even though I prefer four (softer). These are so tasty and tender with some butter, salt and pepper on them.

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